New Servers without Layering

You try to sound all smart but miss that “layering doesnt effect que time” lol

Directly, no, but the Dev’s have stated that they want to keep it to about Vanilla levels of play, enforcing an artificial cap on realms of around 3500 people give or take, at one time. If you get rid of layers, then those extra people go in to a queue, hence making queue times longer.

Edit: Heres so hypothetical math:

Total realm population currently: 20,000 people on at once in 5 layers
Layer populations: 4,000 people
Queue: 0

Remove layers:
Total realm population: 20,000 in 1 layer
Queue: 16,000 people

Layering is temporary, but will delay phase 2 if it can’t be eliminated.

They failed at that by providing non-Vanilla levels of initial servers. We had 89 for a smaller group and they didn’t even provide a third of that for layering.

I agree with new realms without layering as long as there is a firewall between the new realms and the old realms. The firewall would place restrictions on character transfers from existing realms to the new realms in order not to polute the new realms with ill-gotten gains from the existing realms.

For example, the firewall could restriction how much gold can be transferred. The firewall could also restrict certain epics from being transferred.

If there was such a realm, I would transfer my characters in a New York minute.

The damage done to the economy isn’t temporary neither is the huge advantage all the cheaters with full BIS already have.

The game has been ruined for no one and Blizzard owes you nothing.

They started issuing bans today – it should show you blizz is trying to do something.

Bans or suspensions?

This. OP needs to chill

From what iv seen, 3 month, and 6 month suspensions. I dont think BLizz has actually banned anyone since like 2015, i could be wrong.

Where have you seen this?

Honestly, its 2nd hand information from people posting about it. Who knows if its true or not. I’m guessing it is because there have been a few threads about it, and the time frames are different.

Edit: Just saw a thread about a perma ban, but again, who knows if its true heh.

It’s fairly well established that on-a-whim character transfers in general are not going to happen. Blizz could decide a cash store would be lucrative and change their mind, of course.

it’s literally the top stickied post on this forum:

Shows how out of touch I am with the new systems. Back when I played you couldn’t send items realm to realm.
100% would need a firewall for EVERYTHING.

that’s what they should have done with the free transfer servers imo.

wrong times ten

They OWE us? This is some antifreedom BS right here.

Not an exploit, stop spreading false info.