New Servers without Layering

The game has been all but ruined for a lot of people due to the massive layering exploits. Check the AH on any server with a decent population and you will find 5-10 of the same rare item up there. Are you serious Blizzard? I grind for 4 hours and finally see a blue drop and people exploiting layering have flooded the market with them? This is supposed to be a fun MMO?

How could Blizzard possibly justify not creating at least one new layering free server for each server type and time zone combination? They said layering wouldn’t ruin the game and it has for a lot of people.

Where are the fresh, layering free servers Blizzard? Well?

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nope /10char


Sorry bud but they dont owe you sh1T


You know why there’s more stuff on the AH? Because where actual vanilla had like 3000 players per server, the classic servers have like 20000.


Why would they owe anybody anything??

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They assured is layering would be fine. Time for them to own up to it and launch new servers that don’t have it.


I said before release they should offer some servers with no layering. I still think that would be a good idea.


“they promised” “this is a slap in the face” “It’s unfair” “change it or you lose another sub” “Game is dead” “now my pizza’s cold! You owe me!”


Horrible idea. What would happen? New server is launched, 20,000 people log into the same starting area with new characters, game explodes.

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Doubt that many would make a new toon but there might be 10k on some of them to start out. Over time it would become much better, just because there’s no layering doesn’t mean there’s no ques.

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Over time sure, but the initial experience would be borderline unplayable. Which is why Blizzard brought in layering to begin with and is gradually phasing it out. It’ll be gone in a month or so.

If people aren’t planning to stick around for the long term then sure layering would bother you. For those who plan to stick around for a year or so then layering wouldn’t. Because everybody would be 60 so speed would no longer matter, and pvp only matters in phase 2.

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If you think a corporation owes you something because their product isnt exactly how you wanted it than idk about you. also layering isnt a big deal at all and to say that it ruins classic is overdramatic and misinformed


Blizzard doesn’t owe you anything lol. The self-entitlement is strong with this one.


If we dont have layering the server would be down every 10-20 minutes cuz way too many people are in the same zone and servers will crash cuz of that.
And one more thing you wont be able to leave the starting zone cuz there would be way too many people fighting for a mob , you saw that happend with 1-2k people imagine if you have to fight agiants 20k :slight_smile:


They don’t owe us nothing they gave us their version of classic wow. They followed through with it. You have the option not to play if you don’t like what you have been given to play by Blizzard. Im sure other players would love a smaller que times if people want to stop because they don’t like what Blizzard has given us to play.

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Layering didn’t ruined the game. People trying to abuse stuff did :slight_smile: people will abuse stuff no matter what!


They owe me an MMO where the economy hasn’t been completely and permanently ruined in less than a month. They said layering would be fine and it’s a disaster.


Layering will be gone soon and it will no longer be a factor. Then every server will have no layers :slight_smile:

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Blizz doesn’t owe us anything. We get what we pay for.