New Servers without Layering

When it’s a subscription based service yes they are required to provide the service you agreed to.

Come join us on arcanite reaper, a server so desolate nobody can even make a group to exploit!

They are providing it. Read the TOS. Interruptions are included in it. That includes interruptions to game play via server maintenance and possible bugs and exploits of other players.

You only pay for access here, nothing else. We dont own the accounts or anything on them. We basically have a season pass to an online amusement park, but we’re limited to hours of operation and subject to rides breaking and not being available for use…

And technically they can ban you or deny access to your account just moments after you pay them and they are in the clear if your subscription is USA based. They can revoke permission at any time.

No, they are required to produce a product, and you then have a choice on whether or not you want to pay for it. Just because you pay for a game subscription, doesn’t mean the game is going to be made to what YOU feel you want. What it does mean is that the company has to provide you with a playable game, which it has. The fact that it isnt how YOU want it, doenst make it their responsibility, thats on you. Don’t play. Don’t give them the $15 a month. That is how you can show your displeasure, but this " They Owe Us" stuff is just nonsense.


BUT, BUT, what are we supposed to be ANGRY about then??! RWARGH!1

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Be angry about whatever you like, I’m just trying to stay reasonable and keep the focus on the RAID IDs which are broken and the actual issue here.

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Because of layering making them an issue. And not the only issue caused by layering, which also allowed instant end boss in dungeon farming and still allows all manner of exterior world garbage.

The problem was that Blizzard wasn’t (and isn’t) really looking at launchtime, or the weeks or months after it. They’re looking to…5 years from now. Maybe longer. They want as few servers as possible so that eventually they have few enough servers that each still has a healthy playerbase.

However, in the meantime things are a mess. We players live in the moment, and the moment is being tarnished by layering. At this point your’e right…how do they get out of this? They just keep hoping more players quit, I guess. Ironically they’re driving away players by the way they’ve handled this.

For me personally, I’ll tell you what I want: a fresh server with NO layering. It’s what I wanted before launch. It’s what I still want. I can’t help but feel every achievement being made is illegitimate because of layering. And that’s even before you factor in the exploitation of the system.

And if they provide that I’ll probably reroll and start over. And I think it’s a fair option for Blizzard to do that. And anyone who does so knows full well going into it what to expect: without layering the queues may be astronomical. The quest competition will be insane. And I’m telling Blizzard right now that I’m OK with that. I’ve been saying this from the start that I want that massively mmo experience, and I’m willing to deal with the negatives.

And for people who don’t want to do that, they can happily stay on their current servers. And that’ll be the majority of players. They’re not going to abandon their characters and start over. But some players will. And I don’t see a reason for Blizzard to provide the option, except…

They’d have to eat a lot of crow and accept that layering has many issues. Issues so prevalent that they needed to provide a separate server not using the feature. And for that reason alone I doubt they’d ever do it. They’ll just weather the storm knowing that eventually the outrage will run out of steam and players will move on to another topic to be upset about. But all the while, for me at least, things will forever feel tainted.

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Pray for less customers to fix all the issues. Business 101.

How about not generalizing what people want? Also this mentality to separate players into Classic vs Retail is destructive. The world does not need to be viewed as Us vs them, Coke vs Pepsi.

Why also do you think that your ‘vanilla’ subgroup wants to be on low population servers lol. I was on a horde dominated lower pop server as alliance in vanilla and it was not an experience I would like to replicate.

Layering used to accommodate the launch hype is welcomed by me, to help ensure a solid healthy population in the long term.

YOU may like low pop servers, and that’s fine, but stop making assumptions about what other people want.

Entitlement is strong in this one.

  1. Experience Exploit: Allowed the big streamers to get to 60 before everyone else, then promptly shut down once that occured.

  2. Layering Exploits: Allowing massive farming of mats and other unique cooldowns, to get the items they needed for raids. (Recently nerfed once that occured)

  3. Repeat Instance Exploit: Allowed the players who exploited the EXP exploit to farm Repeat instances to get all their BiS before everyone else, then promptly (fixed) after that occured.

All these things, now being shutdown for everyone but the initial exploiters to benefit from, puts them way ahead of the pack, and when phase 2 releases, the unfair advantage the exploiters gained will be even more evident than it is now. It really is BS, that it is the same guys that continue to exploit and get away with it, getting further and further ahead of everyone, without repercussion.

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They will be turning off layering when the game goes into “phase 2”, and they’ve said they will make new realms/servers as need arises.

sounds like Trion Worlds and Archeage Apex , destroyed all goods on economy and final , the game at all !

BUMP! i so approve this

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Apologies if my joking wasn’t clear. I’m 100% with your take of what’s going on. I’m making fun of those that are screaming bloody murder about layering, because today they are SUPER MAD about layering, and tomorrow or next week it will be some other perceived slight or “issue”. In a month it will be phase 2 or battlegrounds or __________?

And oh boy, let me tell you how RWAAGH MAD I get over ____________!!!1 BLIZZAD PLs FIX Ur BROKEN GAME!!

I paid $15. They also owe me a corduroy sports jacket. It’s what every gnome deserves.

I think the point is that they can fix raid IDs and prevent layering to occur while in dungeons to combat this, rather than just getting all mad at “layering” in the general sense.

Focus the attention specifically at the issue that needs attention, rather than generally at a game system that is largely providing a positive and needed purpose.

Yeah, they can change that, now that all of the damage has already been done and it won’t matter at all. The issue that needs attention is layering, which provides only moderate success in combating queue times and in turn destroys any reason whatsoever to even play the game at all via devaluing everything within it. Focus on not trying to lie to me, because I see through you.

I agree!

You should log out of the game and forums in protest and wait for Blizzard to deliver you a brand new server, free of layers and exploits!