New Rise of Azshara Cinematic: “Safe Haven”

(Kaivax) #1

This is it for Sylvanas. Move over

Great cinematic, I loved it!

(Piouspelicañ) #3

So Sylvanas wanted to assassinate Thrall, huh?

Guess that’s it. Sylvanas is going to be killed.

(Drakyn) #4

Can we please have a story that isn’t ‘the ugly weird WRONG people may or may not be evil or merely foolish dupes of their vile, scheming allies once again, perhaps they can make amends to the good normal RIGHT people by beating themselves up???’ because until we get that I think everyone’s just going to see this as fresh (and very pretty, well-crafted) lipstick on a very old pig.


Oof. Sylvanas digging herself a bigger hole. Color me surprised. Oh boy, so excited for the Horde’s surprising and new future.

Sarcasm aside, very beautiful and well done cinematic as always.

(Moonweaver) #6

So here we are again with a 3rd CGI cinematic about Saurfang to make us understand Sylvanas is evil. We know Blizzard please do something else.

(Murphio) #7

As usual the cinematic itself was done beautifully, the artistic merit of the cinematics department can not be understated. What this cinematic reveals however, is rather unfortunate. It seems what people have been saying was right, and that Sylvanas will likely end up as a villain.

It’s one thing to have the alliance consider a Horde hero a villain, but when everyone agrees, that’s not good.

(Sarm) #8

The animation looks amazing as always, but it’s weird that if Saurfang was following a pair of rogues to find Thrall, that he’d then somehow beat them to him in the process without them knowing and just taking him out solo en route instead of waiting to fight a 2v2 battle.


My thinking is they were sent after Thrall beacuse it was painfully obvious that that was where Saurfang was headed… but none of them knew where Thrall was so it kinda just wandering and ehhh

(Quannu) #10


Complete sentence

(Calycia) #11

Or that he would be following rogues unarmed.


Saurfang the Demon Hunter.


Saurfang emasculating Goel for being a coward who abandoned his Horde. Nice and long overdue.

(Niingdorei) #14

Well, I think the debate about whether Sylvanas wanted to arrest or kill Saurfang is pretty moot now if she sent an assassin to kill Thrall who was content to farm.

Btw, while the cinematic was amazing, that trope of attacking a neutral character spurring them into action is done way too much.

(Ganrel) #15

Cool Horde cinematic.

When’s the Alliance get one that doesn’t involve Anduin and his dog?

(Moonweaver) #16

When does the Alliance get a full one period?

(Kaileena) #17

This was a really good one. Well done. Sylvanas has to go. Trying to take out Thrall too! I think Saurfang knew where Thrall was and picked up on the rouges going to ther portal, from there he didn’t have to follow them, i.e was obvious at that point.

Now can we get a non orc cinematic please. As good they are I’d like to see others represented.

(Niingdorei) #18

Would a full cgi Azshara cinematic count with Shandris in it?

(Byniri) #19

absolutely beautiful cinematic, but I have a few issues with it.

1.) Blizz listen, I’m a Horde main. I love Saurfang, love Thrall, etc, but c’mon it’s time for an Alliance cinematic that isn’t centered around Anduin.

2.) So Sylvanas continues to be insanely evil to the point of assissinating anyone who she even THINKS might stand against her within the Horde. Continued complete character destruction. So any defenders of her at this point are just defending fascists (I mean, they were already but it’s worse now).

Positive notes:

1.) I adore the way stealth was displayed here.

2.) Nagrand looks beautiful.

(Reallyhappy) #20

Ugh are we seriosly doing this stupid civil war plot again? Can’t the horde get a story that doesnt involve killing eachother?