New Rise of Azshara Cinematic: “Safe Haven”

(Byniri) #21

I don’t even main Alliance and I want one at this point.

Should just be Tyrande and Greymane telling Anduin to shove it.

(Niingdorei) #22

Shandris, with Thalysra in the background (because we know she’s there) killing Azshara.

(Yagarr) #23

Or she’ll get a quickly shoehorned redemption plot and everyone will agree to get along and fight N’zoth together.

This company gave us time-travelling Orcs from space. You can’t predict anything.

(Murdra) #24

Are we just going to ignore that a we got a Blue post on the Story Forums?

(Hackbrew) #25

Blizzard: “People still aren’t on board with MoP 2: Return of the Siege. What do we do?”

Alex: “Well, people still like Thrall. Have her try and assassinate him.”

Blizzard: “Genius! They’ll love it!”

Also, some minor notes.

Saurfang follows invisible assassins to Thrall, despite the fact that they are invisible. Guess the rattling of their bones gave them away.

Saurfang also does not warn Thrall of the impending attack he apparently knew was coming.

Glad to see more up close Forsaken in a CGI trailer. Shame they only existed to be evil and die.

Clapping is bad for Forsaken. Backflips are not, apparently.

(Xavierl) #26

“People are still siding with Sylvanas, FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT”

(Imerus) #27

Thank you for posting it. That was rather nice.

I kind of thought that. But I also somewhat thought the message was, ‘they were coming for you anyway.’ Otherwise the statement, ‘you led them here’ is still true if they were sent just because Saurfang was coming as well.

(Reallyhappy) #28

If i knew i could get a response from blizzard i would enjoy wording a letter of complaints.

(Byniri) #29

I know it’s only a video game story, but the more that non-Forsaken RPers side with Sylvanas at this point makes me question their RL morality.

(Banisha) #30

Oh look. We can’t have people still siding with Sylvanas. Let’s just make her more and more stupidly evil.


You could not live with your failure, Saurfang. And where did that bring you?

Back to me.


That was awesome.

(Grandblade) #33

Oof, people gonna have a hard time spinning this one positively for Sylvanas…


That’s basically it, they don’t need to convince the Alliance for SoO 2.0

Which is just making people still siding with her dig their heels in, there’s a bunch with questionable morality but most I’ve seen is spite over them torpedoing a beloved character into stupidy for the sake of… what?

(Galenorn) #35

I feel the negatives for Yet Another Saurfang Cinematic have already been stated. Repeatedly. So, my positives:

Watching a Forsaken get their neck snapped, and another swatted into a stone wall is oddly satisfying.

Thrall throwing ash on one of them in stealth was mildly clever.

(Hackbrew) #36

I also chuckled at that one part.

“Where’s the family?”

“Not far. Also, they didn’t want to have to animate them.”

Clearly you missed where Thrall was obviously a Dreadlord.

(Byniri) #37

I said this in a comment up above, but even though it’s only a video game story, I’m going to seriously question the RL morality of people still siding with her (minus Forsaken RPers).

(Byniri) #38

The way stealth was done in this cinematic was incredible.

(Galenorn) #39

Certain posters I won’t specifically name: “Is that a challenge?”

(Hackbrew) #40

Hardly anyone who sides with Sylvanas does it because they agree with her.