This is it for Sylvanas. Move over

(Trivelfrank) #1

Meet Thrall and Saurfang. Sylvanas scrawny little sickly Undead assassins were no match for these beasts, these heroes of the Horde. For Thrall, For Saurfang, For the Horde! Time to unite the Horde and fix the damage Sylvanas has done upon it.

(Fizzer) #2

Not sure a new thread was needed. You can post here.

(Reallyhappy) #3

Imma just sit this out. Im no fan of Sylvanas but im tired of fighting the horde. Im tired and irritated at BfA, can’t i have a story about the horde working together to solve problems and not killing eachother.

Both Saurfang and Sylvanas are bad characters, as is Baine and Jaina and Nathanos and Rexxar and Talanji and…

There is no character to follow, there is no one to root for, its senseless and depressing. Sylvanas is an idiot, Baines a Quisling, Saurfang is irritating, and Jainas a Mary Sue.

(Byniri) #4

Lillian Voss? Her dialogue in the Stormsong part of the Horde War Campaign is honestly the best racial development the Forsaken have had in ages.

e: and not only the Forsaken either, her lines about what it means to be Forsaken really extend to the mentality of the Horde in general.

(Hackbrew) #5

I like how Blizz thought they could sneak in a “Retired guy retires to a remote cabin and has to be convinced to come back and do something” without us noticing.

(Reallyhappy) #6

Voss is gonna be irrelevant. I do love the new characterization for her, but we are missing the development needed for it to happen.

(Byniri) #7

I’m hoping she continues to be an involved character in the Horde story. In BfA we saw her for the first time actually involved in the story besides being a randomly appearing character every so often.

(Trivelfrank) #8

Once the Horde returns to its roots with an Orcish Warchief then the process of fixing the Forsaken lore that Sylvanas has ruined can begin.

(Reallyhappy) #9

It wont and your delusional to think it will. Remember Vol’jin? He amounted to nothing and died to allow us to have this plot. It will happen again and again.


As a die hard Orc fan, my response to this was, “You come into my house and attack my Warchief?!?!? You. Are All. Going. TO DIE.”

I am so looking forwarding to stomping her and her loyalists into paste.

(Arlifrex) #11

He wasn’t an Orc though.


No. He was better. He was a Darkspear. :disappointed_relieved:

(Spuddyc) #13

Oh hell yes!! Those Forsaken assassins looked pretty cool, too. Too bad they ain’t no match for a BEAST!


(Gavik) #14

You’re literally demonstrating the exact problem with this cutscene. It’s totally redundant. You were already on Team Saurfang and now you’re… what? Moreso?

(Hahahahahaha) #15

Naw boi, I think they are gonna still have her do 20 more stupid pointless things like kicking puppies everywhere she goes. Like Garrosh torturing civilians and children for no tactical reason in the streets of Orgrimmar.

Character assassination BLIZZARD STYLE doesn’t know when to quit.


Stick an Axe in me and call me Malfurion, I’m done.

(Vozul) #17

You just really like killing Horde, don’t you?

However daddy Blizzard wants you to feel, I guess.

(Spuddyc) #18

It’s not redundant lmao. Its literally just telling a piece of a story. The writing team already said they don’t even give a crap what you people think. They’re telling a story they want to tell. I highly doubt they devoted this many resources to CGI cinematics with the singular purpose of swaying one factions players into picking certain, rather meaningless, options on a crappy quest chain.

They weren’t rubbing their hands together going “I know I know we’ll make one with Thrall and then EVERYONE will turn on her!!mwuahahaha!!” No, that isn’t what happened. What happened was probably literally they wrote this story like 2 years ago and then when making the cinematics they kept going “Oh you know what would be cool? Let’s show this part of Saurfangs journey. Oh we can do more?! Let’s show this part too!! That’d be cool!” There is no conspiracy against players who really love Sylvanas lol


I typed out some big response but it’s just not worth it. I’m happy you have something to be happy about Spudd, you’re part of a rare group.

(Hahahahahaha) #20

Sending two lvl 1 Forsaken rogues who barely attempt stealth to kill Thrall seems like a false flag more than anything else.