New Realm Now Open - Aug. 27 5:45 p.m. PDT

(Kaivax) #1

We have opened a new realm in this region:

Name Type Timezone
Thunderfury PvP Pacific

We recommend that players looking to avoid queues on Full realms move to this new realm for a smoother experience.

Thank you!

New Realms Megathread
(Kaivax) pinned #2


Char xfer?


Stop releasing servers without warning. People won’t move if they don’t have a chance to secure their name when moving.


Let me move characters over to there and i’ll go there now


already full


Now that’s a server name


If we roll on this server, we will ding level 10 and have it be full with a 5 hour wait tomorrow.

Can we please have 20 servers with character transfers before phase two?


EST PVP! Those are the most populated!


omg this server name. this is my realm now. PLEASE OPEN MORE REALMS SO THIS ONE DOES NOT TURN INTO QUEUE CITY TOO


So again I need to make another new guy?


Dude! All the realms are FULL! LOL

Make, like, 15 more servers and maybe the millions of players will finally balance the queues.


New servers only help NEW players… What about existing players on existing realms? Allow us to char transfer from existing classic realms to the new servers. That will help spread the population.


You being serious or not? I wouldn’t actually doubt it at this point, but I’m sure not giving up my queue spot to confirm.


Bro they just came out with one like 2 hours ago


Eastern pls?


wut, you don’t wanna spend 45 minutes trying to get scorpiod stingers again anyway

do ya?


With a server name like that, feels like Blizz Really wants us to start moving.

Drop more than one at a time, thanks.

(Avarus) #19

This doesn’t matter without transfers.


Thank you for more servers but this really wont matter without transfers.