New realm "Krol Blade" on realmlist?!

Check the US west realm list
“Krol Blade” currently offline
TBC fresh server???
Classic fresh?!?!?!
What does it mean?!?!


Don’t get your hopes up for any fresh server of any kind

too late it’s there and I am freaking out


Hmm, weird. This the first time a grey server has appeared on the list that didn’t later become a real server?

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Super weird, I really hope its fresh


It does seem awful suspicious.

It’s the only one like it currently listed. It would be odd to have only one fresh server in the US West section, so Fresh is unlikely.

Maybe it’s the only Classic only realm they’re allowing to exist. Everything else evolves into TBC servers

They already stated that the Classic Era realms will keep their original names. A survey went out about merging certain realms together awhile back too.

I’m just feeding into OP’s paranoia surrounding the unknown


So glad I’m not the only one freaking out.
So So sosososo excited for the possibility of fresh tbc servers.

Classic and TBC will be separate clients. Classic Forever will be a 1:1 copy of the server taken at the time of copy. So if you’re playing on Grobbulus now, if you copy to classic forever you’ll play on an exact copy of Grobbulus in the Forever Classic Client.

Aww I was excited then I saw its PvP. No chance I’d play a fresh server if it’s PvP since everyone and their mother will be playing Horde. Classic vanilla had bad enough imbalances favoring horde on almost every pvp server. Can you imagine how instantly 1-sided a brand new server will be?
I hope they release a brand new PvE server so I can play as alliance and not get mercilessly slaughtered all day!

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yeah im excited to see whats going to happen iv been watching it all day

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It means a NEW Server.

But, I wouldn’t count on it be Boost-free, though.

It could be something they’re using to test the cloning and that’s why it’s greyed out. It probably won’t stay if that’s the case. Or it could indicate fresh later, or anything really.

It could be but that’s unlikely. Very uncommon (and unprofessional) to conduct business verification testing like that in a live environment.

Very true. I think a fresh would be cool, even if it’s just a single realm. There’s clearly a demand for it. Maybe they’re waiting to see what the ratio of Classic:TBC players are and if it’s worthwhile to announce a fresh server? That’s usually how progression servers work in other games, like in EQ when they have a progressions Server it goes up and they usually open another one shortly after so it’s a constant churn of fresh if you want that.

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I’d love if it was a fresh server to test the waters. I’d play there in a heartbeat.

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I don’t know what it is, but I highly doubt it’s anything worth getting excited about. I feel like they’d probably announce something like a fresh server, but that’s just me.

I’m gonna guess they’re consolidating all the low pop servers into this new one.

It’s weird Blizzard hasn’t said anything about low pop servers yet, and splitting the population into classic era vs tbc realms would make the problem even worse. This would be a convenient way for them to address these realms before prepatch.

If they were going to ‘merge’ servers, the likely option would be to link them retail style so players don’t lose their names. But regardless, people play on low pop servers for a reason. The game world wasn’t originally designed to handle over ten thousand people playing in it.

Very few people on low pop realms are ‘trapped’ or ‘stuck’ on low pop servers. We’re here because we want to be. Please stop perpetuating the myth that we’re unhappy, need more people, or want to be saved by the megaserver meta.

It’s a part of our process to have fully configured and tested Classic Era realms alongside what are soon-to-be Burning Crusade Classic realms. This stage of our testing requires a realm in each region that we can access (but players cannot).

The name is just a name that we chose in each region from a list of previously unused names.

It will probably disappear from the realm list in a few days. It doesn’t have any other purpose.