Fresh Servers?

So I noticed this when I logged into classic today… (also I can’t post links). It seems like blizzard is adding “fresh” servers after all.
imgur dot com/eZlQfDZ

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hopefully not

That doesn’t mean they are fresh servers. You just want them to be. They could be literally anything until they announce it.

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I know it’s just speculation at this point, but it looks more likely than not.

It’s been there since yesterday.

my guess is all the dead servers will merge, (low pop) and that will be their version of a tbc server

most likely that will be the Classic server for the all the 3 world buffs fury Andys that will stay

Fingers crossed!


I’ll take the world buff Andy game over retail infested Outlands any day.

I know you’d love for us all to open our wallets together to boost new characters, buy a warp stalker, and then pay a third party site for gold (or the eventual TBC token) so we can quickly get geared in the GDKP raids after the lvl 58 bots inflate the economy even more, but not everyone cares to join you for retail.


I thought they would release fresh ones but not announce because it would have made a lot of people mad and also feel like the time they put in until TBC release is a waste.

How does having a fresh server, that they aren’t forced to play on, make people feel like they wasted the time they put into classic?

Does it come from the concern that fresh servers could become the more popular option?

I just remember couple months back people who were planning to have lots of gold xfering with them weren’t big fans of fresh servers cuz people wanted fresh with no xfers.

Nothing wrong with people who want fresh servers with no transfers playing together.

Those who don’t like that can play on existing servers that allow transfers.

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