A Formal Request Thread for Fresh/New TBC Servers

Hmm, Krol Blade server, if new is great… and as long as they didn’t mess it up somehow like letting people transfer to it or allowing boosts (at least for a few months), then I’d be willing to resub. Though its depressing that its a pvp server and not a normal server.


Here’s hoping…

It’s okay, we’ll protect you, smooth-skin. ^_~


I’m already on a PVP server currently, just would prefer a normal server this time around… as TBC is a super condensed area and it makes gathering and some other things a royal pain in the butt. I’ll be rolling horde so I don’t have to worry about faction population.

need a fresh no boosts/no transfers tbc pve server on us-east/us-west/oceanic/etc

purty please, mr. blizzard :sparkling_heart:


Fresh servers on us-east/us-west/oceanic/etc PLEASE BLIZZARD



Looks like we were both wrong on this one:

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sadly :frowning: They got our hopes up.

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Of course we’d get a June 1 release date… No, they don’t deserve our money. But they will be milking people for $70.00 for a deluxe edition, as many in this thread have anticipated. $70.00. Totally virtual. No artwork or in-hand collectables. No physical anything. And I now, personally, foresee a launcher or in-game shop.

Blizzard no longer exists.

Blizzard in the RTS heavy days: It will be done when it is legendary.

ActiBli$$ion: Rush that former expansion they already own out the window as fast as possible to attempt to force people who wanted any other option to just join up and suck it up if they really want to be competitive. Let’s force the old schoolers’ fresh, alternative ideas right down the toilet quick so we get our $70.00 ActiBli$$ion funds from as many people as possible.

Anyone reading this reply who thinks Activision is hurting on money, I have a polished bridge to sell you. Great look on the water!

What a disappointment… So, no response to this 2700 reply thread, rushed release with dollar tags attached. Awesome. Not one response.

So, so disappointed. You at Activision are going to get your money because so many young players just buy any which thing. A $70.00 virtual package? Really? A package many, many of us don’t want at that! We would pay NOT to have it. Well, we’ll see how many people who transfer into TBC not knowing about these transactions and new, non-Classical content quit within the first two weeks having not read the forums or associated mmo websites. Shaking my head hard…

Retail TBC / Retirement Classic vs Retail Shadowlands. Sad that that’s the way it is looking.

Took me a day to level into level 60 Shadowlands with the covenant unlocked, etc. No conversations or dialogue. Single player technically possible.

Agree with you as always Innovindil. Two evils here at the moment.

There are those of us who, like me, refuse to play at launch, wanting to observe how this explosive economy rolls out with 200K gold transfer possibilities out of the gate for-instance. Then with these boosts and mounts, we will see if they offer more after the first week or two as we observe.

This is sort of like buying a Playstation 5 bundle off of eBay if there were no solo systems available. Some people have to have it right away, spending much more to do so just to get their hands on one. Then, there are those of us who could purchase one, but would rather save money until the systems are available and see how things roll out first. There are still no must-haves on it, so I feel I have been wise so far. But, yes, many will buy, and that is going to be their choice.

But I’ll be joining the spectator mode right now. I did it with Shadowlands. If I needed to, I could catch up in a week or two.

I AM going to be wisely spectating during the opening of TBC at this rate. June 1st was a quick announcement for TBC “Unlimited.” I was going to plan Disneyland with the family, so I will plan around that time. I also have the little quests to do in Cyberpunk and now Resident Evil Village to tide me over. Give it at least two weeks to see if, yet again, I am wasting my time and Blizzard does nothing. If changes are made, I will play TBC. This is ActiBli$$ion, though, and at this rate will not be playing this game.


Here comes the rush with a June 1 release, ActiBli$$ion literally backing customers into the virtual purchase corner where, to TRULY keep up, to TRULY be the best like no one ever was, you must lay out $70.00 or more.

No physical collector’s edition for $70.00? Two toys, a mount and a boost? Never underestimate ActiBli$$ion’s next move. What a lack of player service. Awful, awful service to loyal, loyal paying customers who have spent thousands over the years.

As always, well communicated and I am with you. Say, one month into ActiBli$$ion’s Rendition of TBC they decide to introduce Fresh Servers. That will be too late for some.

Johnny GDKP will already be making money (physical $ or virtual, they both wreck the economy) and we will have to suck up being at a disadvantage.

I will give them until two weeks into June 1 to see what happens…at the most. Otherwise, I am ending my sub when it is up. I have put a LOT of effort, as others like you have, in getting any “yes” or “no” / “no plans.”

I mean, a lemonade stand is old business. It advertises lemonade. It may try to convince you, but it doesn’t require thousands of dollars to keep up, although it provides a service and may say it needs thousands. We paid for lemonade once upon a time, but now they say they are all out of lemons and all we have to choose from is grapefruits. We can either pay for that or deal with going thirsty. I expected lemonade from the stand, so no thanks for now. A lot of people like grapefruits. I can deal with it not being squeezed, but many of us want fresh lemonade.

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Even though, I’m not for NEW Servers, that whole Krol Blade Server is such a middle finger to you guys. IMO, anyway.


It’s only game.

Why you haff to be mad?

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Many of us have put a lot of time into this game. IDK why I am answering, but this thread is about the desire for fresh servers. Most of the threads I am in, you have no valid opinion or update. It is as almost if you were the angry one.

2700+ posts. No blue post. Quite the testament to lack of service.


You write more than Shakespeare about something that we both know isn’t happening, and demand blue posts.

2700+ posts and no blue posts. Ever thought to yourself, they just don’t care and have nothing to say about the issue, cause it ain’t happening?

And let’s say there was a blue post, and summed up it said “No Fresh Servers. Not Happening”. You’d be back again, writing new 500 page sonnets about how it’s not fair and how back in your day when so & so was a network traffic engineer, Blizzard did things differently.

Just food for thought. I’m perfectly fine with how things are going.

And I know, it’s because I’m a “shill” and a “bootlicker” and whatever else you want to say about me in regards to Blizzard/Activision. Get real.

I’ve logged more hours in Blizzard games than you’ve probably spent in school your entire life and then some. And yet still have no problem with it.

I read your posts and go “man, this guy, needs to find something to do other than play WoW”.

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What’s your point? Blizzard said no to Vanilla servers for years and then made Vanilla servers.


Yeah at this point I just wish they would tell us one way or the other if we are getting Fresh TBC. The silence sucks. I have zero motivation to play my current classic characters because of the looming possibility that TBC Fresh will happen.

Also I need to know if I should take time off work. Lol


He is here just to say we are all wasting our time (he is always negative). Well, fresh servers may not happen right away. But when TBC overloads with bots, RMTs, GDKPs, 200K gold transfers, etc., etc… from toxic players…

And ActiBli$$ion tosses on even more unnecessary pay-to-play options WHILE WE PAY A SUBSCRIPTION… As many here have foreshadowed (in-game or launcher-implemented purchase options)…

This is a testament to a fresh option proposed that was never answered.

Yeah. Simply put, by now, I am sure a blue has seen this thread. ActiBli$$ion is damaging a Blizzard game. If it was in TBC, I am for it.

Have the original TCG cards that are not expired? Put it in the game.

Want Recruit a Friend mounts? Absolutely! They released three months before Wrath. Let’s do it then!

$ doesn’t mean you have to be deceptive.

The word “Classic” has nothing to do with the current game being released on June 1st!

The ActBli$$ion guardians say…that their company has had to fire people because they are just so short on cash. That they have had to jack up prices to $40 a boost to shoo away botters (some ActiBli$$ion peeps think $60 is better!)

$70.00 is a deal because: "Wow, a boost, toys AND a mount that wasn’t in the original game, plus $15.00 for a free month of game time? Who wouldn’t?!"

Right. And you get nothing to hold in your hand.

You get your “one-time” (I have a bridge…) boost for $40.00, $15.00 for a month (because “hold on…”) you have to pay anyways to play… So that’s $55.00 they’ve got. So a mount and toys that weren’t in the game and look like they don’t belong are suddenly a STEAL for $15.00!

Its as bad as an infomercial.

TL;DR: ActiBli$$ion does NOT have to be deceptive liars about “Classic” TBC because they need to make money. True Blizzard is gone; they would NEVER have rushed out ANY of their games. Much of their greatness died in WOD right after Metzen left. This game is not even close to “pure.” We aren’t ever going to be exact, but we could have come so much closer than this…

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You joke about a blue coming in and just telling us “yeah it aint happening” and act like thats a bad thing. This thread has been on the front page of the forums every single day since February. It deserves at least some comment at this point.

If a decent sized group of people were picketing / protesting outside of your building for months, you’d eventually address it in some manner.


A simple ‘no’ is infinitely better than silence. But they’ll never do that. Until that’s said the chance still exists and people keep playing just in the hopes it happens.