New Realm and Free Character Moves for Brazil

Tomorrow, Thursday, September 19 at 3:00 p.m. BRT, we will open the new Brazilian Portuguese realm: Sul’thraze (PvP). You will find it on the new ‘Brazil’ tab in the WoW Classic realms list for Americas realms.

Free character moves will be available from all PvP realms in this region to Sul’thraze for 11 days.

The new realm will be locked for new character creation for the first 24 hours that it is open. This is to maximize the possibility that transferring players can keep their character’s name.

Thank you!




Awesome blizz, happy for those players

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That’s better. I approve of this message.

I hope that also through this server, for us Brazilians, will also come a better and more accessible ping, otherwise it will not make sense in my view, transfer.


I hope that also through this server, for us Brazilians, will also come a better and more accessible ping, otherwise it will not make sense in my view.

Thats the point.

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Se não melhorar o Ping, pelo menos o ping de todo mundo estará igual, sem vantagem para ngm no pvp. Em realm americano, nós com mais de 100ms competimos com caras com menos de 50ms.


They aren’t likely to locate it in brazil if that is what you are implying.

The same thing happened with Overwatch SA, why couldn’t it happen with WoW Classic SA?
Unless you work at Blizzard and have already ruled out this suggestion and we won’t have a better ping or server allocated in Brazil.

Please open transfer from Deviate Delight to Brazilian realm please! I don’t want to lose a character I put so much effort on it! Pleaaaase Blizzard! Deviate Delight is RPPVP so it’s not that much different from PVP realms

That’s nice to hear, but most of the people from SA will only migrate if it’s actually located around here, me included.
Personally? Population > Ping.
But if it’s located in SA I know many people will be inclined on moving, thus the new server will become a crowded one, hopefully.

It leads us to the most important question: Where is it located?
This is crucial, Blizzard.


If the servers are located in the United States, I don’t see the point in transferring. You’ll play with the same ping as before but now you’re stuck in a containment realm.

No thanks.


Well since the retail version doesn’t have any servers located in Brazil it would be odd to have just one there for classic and zero out of what 8 or so in the current version.

It is always funny. First it is give us our own servers for language reasons and then when they do - no we won’t transfer unless we get better ping.


Will this new server have lower latency? Will it be located in Brazil? No? So I prefer to stay on the server that I am already. Thank you anyway.
I won’t risk switching to a server that may have unbalanced faction or low population.


lol im a brazilian and i WOULD NEVER ROLL on a brazilian server… unless i wanted to get braindead…


If the server was located in Brazil, Blizzard would be making much noise about it.

It’s Chicago, don’t get your hopes up.

I’m staying in Netherwind anyway.

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You complain too much omg, just dont transfer then.

Voces reclamam demais, pqp.

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I think, IMHO, it is quite simple:

if you want to do end game on a Brazilian-only guild, migrating makes the most sense, since new players will tend to create characters on the BR tagged server.

in the other hand, if you don’t care about it, and you are fine with multi-language guilds, or even just english, you can easily stay wherever you are.