Brazilians do not speak spanish

Let me tell you my friend, you’re not doing any good to your community by posting stuff like this.

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I regret not going to whitemane or herod. It’s already bad enough on Thanos with the amount of jajajaja. Americans and canadians are very rude but at least i can understand what they say.

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“The mutual intelligibility of spoken Portuguese for most Spaniards is around 50%; the Portuguese, from the high of their 37 phonemes, can understand about 58% of what we say.”

Sadly I can’t post the link.

Overwatch is a mess for us because they lumped together all of Latin America. We have a lot of fun communicating with people that only understands half the things we say.

A language barrier is one of the most effective ways to build up aggression in the player base. It’s just like horde v alliance trying to talk to each other but on your own team. I think a BR specific server would be the most likely like way to get them to reroll on non-english servers. Which is the problem we’re all trying to solve.

Oh yeah, for sure.

I remember playing in Vanilla/TBC with like 500 ms. We’re at the peak of current technology, and MS is pretty much limited by distance (unless you’re on dial-up).

170 is very playable, at least in PvE.

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I mean, if Blizzard creates a realm inside São Paulo for us i will upvote this decision

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world and with almost the same population of the usa Certainly not being a dead server, we are a giant different from our Latin American neighbors who are small and sparsely populated. What they are trying to do is exactly the opposite. they want to join Brazil because they are afraid the latin server will be empty

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Exactly. I’m sure we could fulfill a realm or two in classic!


And I live in Brazil for more than 20 years.

Guess I have more experience to say stuff uh

Ofc our country is gigantic, but WoW isn’t a popular game here. Most of the country is really poor and can’t afford to play this game + Rpg as a genre being not popular at all in Brazil.
Therefore, Brazilian population is small compared to, for example, NA or China population.

You dont know much about Brazil, do you? (Onepunchdudes answer works)

Seriously do I have roll my eyes twice in the same thread??

eyerolls again Americans.

You are so wrong…

Ragnarok Online was HUGE success here back in the early 2000’s and i played that game A LOT during that time. Tibia’s playerbase has a vast majority of brazilian players, we had WoW launch here back in 2011 and it was a huge success while the game was good

so yes, Brazil has a lot of ppl who enjoy playing MMORPG.

PS: I’m brazilian, and you?

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Latin America includes Central America too right?

Doesn’t like 95% of that entire region speak Spanish?

What you need is BR only servers.

Until there are BR servers, Portuguese speakers will have to choose to make a community either among English speakers, or Spanish speakers. I actually expect to see BR realms sooner rather than later, but I think grouping Spanish and Portuguese together is mostly because there is more similarities than Portuguese and English. At least until dedicated servers are up.

I know Spanish and other than a few words that are similar in Portuguese here and there, don’t understand much else. Your anecdotal experience doesn’t mean it’s fact.


I agree! I’m Portuguese and feck me if I can understand 5% of what their weird Spanish vocalisations represent. Eu apoio a 100% servidores Brasileiros no WoW Classico!

What are you talking about? Portuguese and Spanish are very similar I can understand like 80% of what people talk in spanish.

Looks like Blizzard heard… me?


They did indeed and I am very happy for you. :slight_smile:

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