Realm Transfer PVP-RPPVP

I rolled warrior on a PVP server. I really wish I had started on a RPPVP server because I like the content from players and the communities more in general on those types. Could we please get the option to transfer from a PVP server to an RPPVP server?

Pay money to do that?

On classic

Maybe ask on the classic forums?

Yup-- You will still have to pay after Character Services are introduced. Otherwise, you’re gonna have to reroll.

If you want this done on classic - make your post on the classic forum.

Soon you will be able to pay for this there as well anyway.

You dont understand… there is no option to switch from PVP to a RPPVP server. Only PVP to PVP

Oh, how I miss the days of having server type options here beyond normal and RP, server communities, and server identity.

Oh so you’re asking for a Rp-PVP server.

That is what I said… there ARE RPPVP servers you just cant transfer from a PVP one to RPPVP…

I wasn’t aware that character transfers for Classic were already introduced. Beyond the free ones they have offered from high pop to low pop-- those are predetermined by Blizzard. They typically always stick to servers of the same type in these situation.

If you’re on a high Pop Pvp-- They will pick out a low pop Pvp server.

But I certainly would check with Customer Service Forums. GD can’t help you with this.


Pretty much states they only opened free transfers from PvP to a new PvP. You’ll have to re-roll.