Transferring Herod to Earthfury

I sent an alt over to try out the server and wanted to transfer the rest of my characters, however I can only transfer to Loatheb and Sul’thraze now. Did they stop transfers?

Very likely. The migrations are only for as long as needed. If they got enough transfers to achieve the balance they want, then they end them immediately.

Either that or all the available transfer slots for Earthfury were snatched up before you got to them.

Actually, no. Earthfury is just full now. If transfers were closed, you wouldn’t have the option to move to the other two you mentioned.

I don’t see a notice about it, but that might be the case, Golamb, though Free Character Moves from all PvP realms to the Latin American and Brazilian realms.

Any new information will likely be posted in the Classic General Discussion forum.

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