New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Not really, I would simply post less.

It IS pretty humorous to see folks like you and Ayaya hypocritically vigorously combat the instance cap, but are more than happy to complain about how much someone posts on a forum.

It’s pointing out YOUR hypocrisy. How are you not perma banned from the forums.

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There is no hypocrisy whatsoever. If there was a post count cap I would abide by it.

I am not permabanned from the forums because, now dig this: there is not cap on forum posts.

Here, let me help you out. If you you are so upset that someone has positions that do not align with yours, here is one simple trick doctors hate!

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Dude sounds like the same guy that ignores everyone on trade chat that isnt using trade chat to trade stuff

I’ve seen these effects too. Prices on open world items are now coming down because of some of them switching to fishing, herbing, elementals and essences.

I’m not upset that you disagree. It’s the raw volume of nonsense and claiming that legitimate players are “just alts” because they don’t conform to your expansionist reading of the blue text.

If it makes you feel any better, I did a cursory glance of some other threads you were an overly active participant in and I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re not a white knight. My reading just shows you as a contrarian who is against whatever the popular opinion is whether it’s this or the current state of AV.

Some people are bored and get their kicks arguing on the internet. Whatever helps you cope during these troubling times I suppose. I used to have running instances but you still have this.



That was a quote from the Classic team when asked about changes coming to the game. I don’t know when that changed and I don’t care, this was a bad change that exclusively negatively affects real players while the bots simply swap servers.

Hold true to the words I quoted as well as the words you spoke early on about listening to the community. We didn’t ask for this, and we’ve told you to revert it, we’re not the retail community… we expect this to be reverted.



120 Blood Elf Demon Hunter




dat name though

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bro i dont want to alarm you or anything but zul’gurub is a 20 man raid instance, NOT 40. It still counts towards the limit.


“people playing the game more efficiently than me or in a way i dont enjoy is exploiting, wahh ban it!”


Can we change it to 30 limit a day per unique instance instead or something? Still seeing bots a week after reporting them and you guys are clearly listening to player feedback

Pretty soon here they will convince blizzard that having fun in classic is exploitative behavior


Lol if your husband genuinely enjoys getting boosted through levels by sitting in the Cath entrance tunnel and doing literally nothing while someone else kills stuff for him then congrats, he’s the most boring person ever, but more power to him I guess.

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I have said myself in the past that the pathing abuse to make these farms doable FEELS like exploiting.

However if this is blizzards stance on the matter they need to make a statement on it and soon.

Considering it’s been going on since basically a month after launch to just start randomly banning every mage doing these pulls would be bad business to say the least.

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I thought Blizzard already believed that.

Bro your trolling is stale. Find a hobby, you’ll be happier.

Any citation for this? It’s possible that this is an intended gate for players, but that seems unlikely based on the history of the way they communicate this stuff, unless there’s a new blue post I’m unaware of. The only thing I’ve seen them explicitly say is that this is intended to effect bots, and not legitimate players.

I really wish they would further clarify this, as that would take away a lot of the argument here (I haven’t been following it closely lately so if they have said this, please point it out). The last post I remember talking about it said:

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The Blizzard post and actions are the citation. The 30 instance a day cap further limits dungeon instances which, with the 5 per hour cap, were at 120 per day and are now capped at 30 per day. I’m not sure how much more clarification you’ll get. They changed the rules, hence they thought the previous rule was not restrictive enough.

I think you are conflating taking action against legitmate players (which I’d suggest means a mistaken ban or other administrative action) with changing the rules of the game. Changing the rules affects all players, but is not “actioning” a specific player(s).

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They have made a statement on it… sort of. Aurelus asked a GM them explicitly on stream when they unbanned him. They said boosting was fine - even in ZF where “pathing abuse” is used to kill everything.

I’m sure there’s a full twitch vod for it too if you want to see it yourself.