New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

What you and I like or dislike is irrelevant, we don’t make the decisions, Blizzard does. I was simply stating my opinion of why they may have made that decision.

They didn’t say it was a fix for “exploitative automated gameplay”

Which is a significant difference. They also said:

Which is purely a limit on the number of instances you can do. They obviously thought that 120 per day was too many and decided on 30 per 24 hours to address “exploitative and automated gameplay”.

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And again - if boosting is ‘exploitative and automated gameplay’ as you claim, do you think an acceptable fix is going ‘well, you can exploit up to 30 times a day but no more!’ rather than simply… making the ‘exploit’ no longer function?

You did not answer the question in my post.


I don’t thinik boosting was the primary focus, although it could be a consideration. My main comment was even the people against the change don’t all seem supportive of boosting. Certiantly I don’t believe Blizzard would feel that hurting boosting was a reason to not implement the change even if they didn’t care about boosting. My comment was that citing boosting as an argument against the limit was likely a poor choice and wouldn’t get much traction.

So if you want a definitive answer about boosting being one of the types of exploitative gameplay they were addressing, feel free to ask Blizzard directly. Of course I would imagine that the change, at least from all the mages that have been complaining, will put a dent in some of the boosting activities.

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So what problems do you feel this fix solved?

Because from where I’m standing it appears:

a. boosting is alive and well, and more profitable than ever due to increased asking prices

b. instance bots are still running rampant.


Neither you nor I haven any real data to determine the extent of who or what the changes affected. So you’ve stated your opinion and I guess you are asking mine? Alrighty then.

I believe that excessiving spamming dungeon resets for things like JED farming, MCP farming, Mats farming, leveling services, etc. were the primary target for two reasons:

  1. Because a minority of players were abusing this mechanic for profit and other purposes so Blizzard decided to limit this type of activity.
  2. Because BoTs were doing the same to farm for RMT possibly including real money leveling services.

How effective are these measures in the overall strategy of mitigating exploitative and automated gameplay? Once again, only Blizzard has access to the data that will tell them if it is working/helping. Will it stop BotS? Of course not, stoping cheating, including bots, is a constant battle for every game maker.

All players can do is express their opinion of any change as both you and I have done. And, if we still enjoy the game, keep playing, if we don’t, then move on.

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I mean, its fairly easy to do a /who 60 mage scholomance, stratholme, or zg and draw some pretty basic conclusions. To suggest the bots are some invisible force we cannot detect is pretty silly. I’m fairly sure that level 60 mage “Fdhfsdak” and “Sfsfgk” are not legitimate players, nor are their friends. This change has frankly, not slowed them down at all.

Also, jed farm spam resets were very much a thing in vanilla. I did them on my warlock.


Data science is something I do for a living. Anectodal evidence like you’ve cited is not very useful. Others in this thread have said they are seeing fewer unguilded mages, etc when using /who. Again, only Blizzard has the hard data to determine if this is slowing them, or at least hurting their bottom line.

Many things, like JED farming, MCing people out of BGs were done/possible in Vanilla, but they either were much less prevalent than in Classic or the period of time they were more common was a short window before TBC was released. If they release separate TBC servers then Classic could be around for many years to come (at least I hope so) so fixing these types of things may have a higher priority in the context of a never-ending Classic.


So let me get this straight - you are complaining about anectodal evidence (despite the fact that if one regularly /whos the same parameters at approximately the same time each day, a fairly reliable picture of the current bot populations will form) — but you consider this claim, which essentially boils down to “jed farming wasnt prevalent or commonly done because i didnt do it or didnt personally see anyone else do it”… not an anecdote?


Everything you and I and anyone without access to Blizzards data, or at least a very comphrehensive study of multiple servers before (already too late for that) and now is based on conjecture, I would think that is obvious. No one in this thread really has any “hard” facts, just our experiences and the assumptions we make based on those experiences.

Your giving your rationale as to why you believe the way you do and so am I. But make no mistake, we are just expressing our opinions. And you know what they say about opinions, everyone has one :wink:

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id be wary of putting much stock in ‘only blizzard has the data’.

if you recall, their ‘data’ also told us that they were ready to remove layers on whitemane and other servers a few months ago - the community was NOT pleased, warned them against it, they did it anyways claiming the populations had stablized to acceptable levels… and queues immediately spiked to 3, 4 hours all over again, forcing them to add layering back.

Their ‘data’ also said we only needed 6 pvp servers for name res. We know how that ended too.


Yet this has still garnered more interest in a few weeks than premade and pug BG changes in half a year- guess that means if only a few 100 people are affected by this, a dozen or so are affected by pugs vs premades.

You must be so relieved they’re not listening to that ultra minority complaining about premades and pugs being in the same queues then.


They have the data, that doesn’t mean they can’t make mistakes, just that they have a good foundation for doing analysis, something we don’t have.

I’m not sure what data they had other than the number of people that expressed interest, to predict the number of PvP servers they’d need.

For player activity they have a ton of data. Doesn’t mean they can’t make mistakes, just that they have access to data/information about player/bot behavior that we don’t that can be used to determine possible corrective actions.

Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.
― W. Edwards Deming

The above is a quote I have on my Coffee cup. In this instance, we are all just people with opinions. Even with data you can make mistakes, but without it you might as well just toss a coin.

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Almost all blizzard does is make mistakes lately (as in since late wrath) and you want us to blindly accept their changes because they “have all the data”

You are acting like them having this data makes them unable to do something wrong. There is plenty of evidence to prove this way of thinking wrong…


Amazing that this got flagged when we don’t flag the white knights for calling us bots and alt spammers.

Shows the difference in maturity and who can actually take an insult and just move past it.

Anyway this is my daily reminder to actiblizzard that this change is bad because it does very little to stop the botters does nothing vs the people who where using fly/ground/wall hack exploits, and only hurts legitimate players. Let alone the absolutely horrible implementation with no form of tracker system.


This restriction complements another restriction that shouldn’t exist.




This change is terrible, stop trying to defend it with troll posts about Blizzard knowing what they’re doing.

Imagine saying this only affects a few players when this post has accumulated the most replies in the history of classic WoW forums in the quickest time.

Also imagine if they advertised this game letting people KNOW beforehand that they can only do 30 dungeons a day LOL! Oh and throw in lack of customer service.

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The daily instance limit has to be removed asap. I can’t even boost my friend through stockades because we’re at the cap. We were having a lot of fun too, but the instance cap pretty much killed it. This has got to be one of the worse decision blizzard has ever made.

Pretty much ruined classic, good job. Find another way to stop botters without ruining the game for everyone else.



I was dead tired and misread it as s*** with extra steps to bypass the profanity filter which is against the rules for these forums.

When I woke up the next day I realized what the word was and apologized for the misreport.

There’s a difference between reporting someone for directly breaking the rules (which I misread and they didn’t) and reporting someone because they said something that hurt your feelings


So is insulting people. Why the double standard friend?