New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Yup but hey it not my problems anymore. I was on hold for 3 day waiting for Activision-blizzard to propose a real change or revert this crap. What they did…nothing. my sub canceled and game is uninstalled. never trusting this company again ever. whatever they touch now just go in flame.

You mean the silence beyond the change to disclude 40 man raids from the limit? Silence like that? Maybe they will change MCP that you were so pearl clutchy about us feral druids having such a hardship obtaining.

Casuals can obtain those items on their own without the AH.

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To be fair, there is literally only 4 or so people doing this on US forums.

They are also reading the recently revised book Anyone That Doesn’t Agree With Me Doesn’t Exist: Argumentation For Children

It was updated to include the term sockpuppet.


They cant bots are farming node/herb 24/7…

Any inconvience is a win in my book. Until they level up all 4 of those 60s, they won’t be making as much money.

I agree with you that a more aggresive stance could be taken, I don’t think anyone disagrees with that point. But I still take the stance that this change should stay.

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90 over 3 days would be a good compromise.

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Wow, if only we had discussions like this instead of just harrassing Blizzard CMs. We might actaully see a great compromise tht makes everyone happy.

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It will do absolutely nothing… They will increase the price of golds to accounts of the time and money spent on the extra acc and because everything will start to rise in price at the ah they will actually profit more!

Which is a matter that needs to be addressed, and is not mutually exclusive.

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They will not address it because it will cost them money and if they do nothing they gain more money…

Why do you thing they ban in wave? They wait for boters to re repurchases the 30 day and then ban them to profit on the free 30 day…

Even though I think it’s one of the most absurd updates in the history of WoW, and with the fact that it was pretty much an april fools joke in actual vanilla thought up be an entirely different set of game developers, I would at least support settling for 90 runs in 3 days or something. This would eliminate the possibility of people running into the limit if they no life a couple days in a row each week, which is actually a lot of people considering this is vanilla wow, and it would allow blizzard to save face instead of actually being modest for once.

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What do the bot do again buy a other 30 day to lvl a new acc…

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Doesnt affect my raids anymore, but its still a pointless change


It’s more than 4 people nd it’s not circular. People like the change, sorry.

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Who is this mythical group of people who like this change?!?!

I spent half the day doing Google searches looking for them, not finding them anywhere but on these forums with the Bliz bot fanbois jumping to every insane conceivable brain dead idea they come up with.

THIS is why we wanted #nochanges

They certainly ain’t streamers, i’ll tell ya this. Videos are blowing up now on youtube, reddits pretty cheesed off, hell, even other MMO’s forums are talking about this and laughing. People in game are talking about it in trade chat, I know of barely anyone that’s actually liking the fact that blizzard time gated us for no real reason out of the blue in a 15 year old game, other than a select few on these forums who are using retail avatars or are just regulars here with like 5000 posts who argue about everything on a daily basis, usually almost always choosing to support the side where they have 1v5 discussions going on all day. Chronic arguers. The original post could be about the sky being blue and you wouldn’t know it unless you scrolled through 2000 comments because it gets so circular and weird as they justify why in fact the sky is green and everyone but them are missing the big picture or something.


Actually, from what I have read the only people who are REALLY upset over this change are the meta-gamers, RMT crowd, and gold sellers. Since the change only really affects those people.

And none of them appear to post on anything other than low level alts that were probably only leveled in order to post on the forums as their bot characters are too busy farming items and gold. :smiley:



The likes on this post has been stable at just above 100.

There are less than 10 people arguing for it, and around 20 in all these posts approving it.

I haven’t seen a single positive statement in discord, wow head, Twitter, or twitch about this.

Boosters and bots do like this however, as it increases their gph.

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Irony is- one of those forums is 2006 WoW Vanilla forums, when this was considered a literal joke.

Remember that when the sock puppets tell you this change is in ‘the spirit of Vanilla’ that this is so far from what the devs envisioned in Vanilla they considered it as much of a joke as ‘skinning a bear should aggro every bears’.