New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

one of my biggest issues is this.

im AFRAID if potentially hitting the instance limit.

im constantly worried if i have done too much and if i will be able to play with my friends in a dungeon later.

a player should never feel like this in a social game.

huge, stupid, terrible game design choice.


Does anyone remember speaking to a actual Game Master. This is becoming a far cry of what it was suppose to be.
misadventure/kaivax will not respond, but we need to say ‘do not change the game’


If you are doing 30 dungeons/raids per day… then yes, go outside


The action house takes a cut of what an item sells for in it.

Thus selling items in the AH is a gold sink.

It’s only not a gold sink when it’s sold player to player outside of AH.

In about two hours or so this is going to overtake the most popular thread of all time on these forums. People must really, really love this change.


Actually - you just mentioned groups that will like the change because this increases the profitability of RMT crap.

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It effected less according to blizzard stats because some of us were counting our instances after being made aware of the change and would stop at 20-24 (because to raid we would use at least 5 more instances, DMT, Ubers, onyxia, MC, BWL) and we wanted to make sure we didn’t get locked out.

I personally just made sure not to do any instances 24hr before raid night…

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Not true at all, but nice assumption.

I try to use one toon for all my forum posts, it’s slowly changed over the years of who I use from realm transfer, name changes, exc. To where it would bug out my previous post history. So I made this toon, I will not be leveling it, name changing it, server transferring it, exc. To make it so I don’t have to backlog search old names/realms to see replies to my posts.

I’m sure you won’t believe me though, regardless of the legitimate reasons I post on this toon and just this toon.

Maybe blizzard fixed the issue I ran into by now, but this is the toon I use on the forums now.

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There’s no reason to believe you about this, just like you don’t believe Blizzard.

omg it’s already friday and blizz didin’t revert this sh*t yet?


I don’t believe blizzard made this change to combat bots because I can see multiple ways for bots to get around the restrictions.

I also don’t believe this change is in the spirit of vanilla or what the devs at the time would have done seeing how we play today, because they made an April fool’s joke about doing what the current devs have chosen to do. And made it clear it was so outside of vanilla design that it was a joke patch notes.

What I do believe is blizzard made this change to try and get more money out of bots because one of the major work arounds for this system bots can use it having more accounts, which means more money for blizzard. (Which low level zones show to be the case of what the botters are doing)

This change doesn’t accomplish the goals blizzard has stated, it only gets them more money from botters, pisses off their more “hardcore” players and makes no actual prevention on bots as there is plenty of work arounds for this system if your goal isn’t single server progression.

Wanna know how to fix the issue better?

Hire the top bit maker to create a detection program to find and ban bots.

Blizzard shouldn’t be relying mostly on player reports to ban bots, which is what they said was their most effective method for finding bots… That’s sad. Especially for a company of blizzards size.

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See, none of what you said is true. Blizzard has said time and time again that bots cost them a ludicrous amount of money. The botters use stolen credit cards, Blizzard has to deal with charge backs and bots cause legitimate players to quit the game and the reputation of Blizzard suffers.

You have a myopic viewpoint on many things.

That sounds like a personal problem though. You have 30 of them, it doesn’t make sense that you do 0 because you’re afraid of getting locked out.

If that’s the case why has blizzard made a change that encourages bots to use MORE account?

It sure seems like they are doing a piss poor job of removing the bots when they have made a change that makes bots want to bot more accounts…

When I get into my groove in instances I lose track of how many I do. I typically spend 20+ minutes per instance so I never got the 5 cap as I’ll go into DM T do the tributes, then go through the library to the other parts of dire maul and farm the entire instance for herbs, tubers, boss kills, exc. I maximize each instance since the change because I know I’m far more limited now.

If you havent read the news Activision told blizz to cut BFA short to make shadowlands. Bobby says jump and Ion asks how high.

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Cut BfA short?

Battle of Dazar’alor.
Crucible of Storms.
Azshara’s Eternal Palace.

Mechagon and Nazjatar, the Black Empire stuff. They completely remastered WSG and Arathi Basin and a bunch of other stuff. How is this “cutting” BfA short?

They pulled a WoD and cut resources and ended it early. 8.3 has less content than any other end expansion patch. They remasterd two BGs in other expacsions instead of re-texturing they added in BGs. In other expansions they added new raids and instances. Bragging about increasing the BFA zones from 6 to 8 is not much.

There certainly seems to be a lot of missing story. Quite frankly, that bothers me as much as the poor game design choices.
Just like WoD. Tell the story you set out to tell instead of cutting tail and running into another expansion that isn’t really any better.

Who runs 30 instances a day?! Especially if you’re leveling in them. If the group’s fast, Hellfire Ramparts, which is probably the quickest of the dungeons, takes 30 + minutes. You’ll need 15 hours to complete 30 of those. Longer if you plan to use the restroom, shower, eat, etc…