New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Wait, I thought they already killed Classic with every other change? Well, that’s what every single doomsayer claimed.

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It was still ok ish, now look at that they are almost shoving it in our …

You’re right, laws don’t eliminate crime, you know what does at least help reduce crime though? Enforcement.

Botting has always been against the ‘law’ in this game. Playing 6 hours a day and spending that time in dungeons has never been against the ‘law’ in this game, and making it against the law with the caveat that you can still do more time as long as its on another server defeats any chance it can stop criminals, what guaranteeing it will effect everyone else.

This is not much of a threat at all. Oh dear, a bot now has to level 3 more 60s, however will they do it? If only there were an automated, effortless way for them to get to max level.

It doesn’t benefit 99% just because only 1% is negatively impacted. That’s not how it works. NO ONE benefits from this change. Literally no one.

Because the 30+ dungeons didn’t affect the rest of their gameplay before. They could continue playing the next day and not be locked. They could still go to ZG later. They could still help their friends in dungeons later.

Now there’s a limited number of clears, so people would rather not risk locking themselves out of what matters by doing something that relatively offers little.

The change hasn’t ‘effected’ me yet, or many other people that have been very careful about their instance use or demotivated to play because of the change.

It’s not about its effects in the 3 days its been up, it’s about the effects its going to have on people that want to play in bursts over the long term.

Some bad people did some bad things, so let’s take it away from everyone, that’ll surely stop crime. WHERE have I seen this tried before?


I don’t think you understand my analogy. The point is, this change will not completely get rid of bots. But that doesn’t mean we should get rid of it, because it still helps reduce bots, even if only by a small margin. Plus, it makes it way easier for Blizzard to ban bots and make it less profitable to bot, therefore, less desirable.

Well, they won’t be able to boost past 30 dungeons a day, so yeah it will take them a decently long time. This is great, because it gives them less time to make profits, making botting less desirable.

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It benefits everyone that isn’t spending 6+ hours farming raw gold. Inflation is horrible right now, some things in classic are almost as expensive as they are in retail.

Doing 1/30 isn’t really a risk. I’m not sure what you’re trying to communicate here. All they have to do is keep track of their lockouts. They just have to count them and remember the number.


Bot swaps realms… 30 more instances! Legit players don’t have this option. This change only affects legit players.


Can blizzard just make it a weekly cap of 210 instead so when I am unable to use my 30 per day throughout the week I can spend them when I have the time towards the weekend? This still has the same result and it will show who are bots easily. Bots burn all their instances in under 2 days easy bot confirmation.

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That requires bots to level up 4 characters to fully maximize the instance cap number, which means that botting is less profitable now.

Automation is automation.

They automate 3 more toons… On different servers.

Oooooo how inconvenienced they must be. Omg, this will take so much time!!!

30 dungeons on one realm, 30 on another, etc… it does nothing to slow them that’s the point. They need a slight investment on a few realms, and then they have a long term gold farmer. Every day it farms without being banned it becomes more and more profitable, the only way for Blizz to really hurt bots is to ban them so fast they can’t make it to max level and sell enough gold to make back whatever costs they incurred- but if Blizz were able to ban bots that quickly they wouldn’t need this change to begin with.

“We should punish everyone in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, a few criminals might be caught or slowed down by this”- that logic is terrible.

This is a change that again, is extremely easy for bots to bypass, but can’t be bypassed by regular people. Most players only play on one realm, they have no reason to change realms- but bots don’t care which realm they make money on, it’s all the same to them.

That ‘30 instances per realm’ thing is baffling, because they basically gave bots a work around. Not that this should be included at all, but for them to say they’re going after bots only to include a method that basically will permit bots to avoid it but still screw regular players completely defeats the point.

That’s good feedback, I heard a suggestion to make the limit account wide but up it to 40 or 50 a day, that’s also good feedback.

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They will just increase the price of the golds and gg it as profitable.

Itty bitty setback solved with more botting.


Bingo, this does nothing to RLM bots. This only hurts real players.

Blizzard’s silence means they’re abandoning the hard core community.

I hope the casuals like having virtually nothing on the AH and all of it costing 6 times what it does now.


And that’s certainly an actual legitimate complaint. Changing it to something like 60/2 days or 90/3 days would be a very reasonable change. Which is exactly how dailies work in retail now for that exact reason.

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Remember, you’re talking to a:

  1. 120 retail troll that doesn’t play Classic and has no clue about such things as Naxx attunement.

  2. Low 50’s Classic druid that hasn’t reached any end game content.

Don’t expect great examples =/


I still oppose the change but changing it to a larger limit over a longer period of time would do a lot to make it more acceptable.

Edit: Overall if it has to stand I’d like the following atleast:

40 man raids excluded (MC, BWL, AQ40, Naxx)
A larger limit over a longer time (210/week is my preference, but even 90/3day is something I could settle for)
A reasonable way to track my instance lockouts in game.

We’ve got one so far and that’s good, but they really should do more in my opinion.