New Increasing Cooldown for Changing Layers


Glad you learned from what Everquest had to do years ago. If you are going to copy the TLP servers at least look at the issues they ran into with theirs since 2007.


agree with this, can barely open lock boxes now.


What about trading in capital cities? They should remove the cd in capital cities.


Several minutes?

That’s it? Lol so basically nothing has changed?


Do you even layer bro?


That’s a temporary problem with the surge at the start. It won’t be an issues in following months.


Blizzard should start taking actions against players abusing layers… a certain popular streamer is a good example! The things i read about layering and how it’s being abused it’s a huge deterrent for me wanting to play this game in the future if it becomes the normal way to play the game.

If it becomes that i’m dropping my account.


Layering won’t EXIST in following months.


Layering is already ruining Classic, I stopped playing for the moment because of these issues.


And there it is. “Should’ve done it sooner.” “Exploit early and often.” “No fair, I didn’t know about it and didn’t get to exploit it before you stopped it. You should leave it another couple weeks so people like me can exploit it too.” “Roll back their levels!” “BanbanbanTos.” “The game is doomed!”

I can understand the fomo, but also understood exploits happen and Blizzard is fairly slow to respond on them since maybe the repeatable WQ exploit back in legion. It’s like queues on launch day followed by gold sellers followed by ddos attacks. Cycle of life stuff. :slight_smile:


How is it ruining classic? (serious question).


So we’re back to you guys caving into the whiny players who find fault in everything?

Nicely done. This is just what led to your game being ruined in the first place.

Good to see you’ve learned nothing.

Btw, I’m loving the lack of mobs and inability to quest - amazing.

Yeah, we’re going to keep sticking around doing nothing because everything’s too full after you do a couple parties; that’s going to happen.



Instance groups are in a separate layer anyway. Just would be weird you cant see your party member until you are in the instance but not too bad. It just needs to exponentially speed up. 5min, 25min, 2hour, 6hour, 12hour, ban


The game is supposed to be an MMORPG where everyone is in an immerse world together. I have another, more detailed, response to this in another thread but here’s the gist: putting people on different layers ruins this. I run by people in my guild and never see them. I never meet the same person twice because I’m always getting random people on random layers. It’s what makes the game almost a single-player experience because the community can’t develop when nobody plays together continuously.

So even if a realm was heavily sharded, we knew thousands of players were on the realm because they were talking. Many players asked in the chats several times, “Where is everybody? I know you guys are there.”

We eventually logged into realm 15 another high population server. I created a human paladin and my brother created a human warrior. We logged in at the same time. But when the opening cinematic was complete, we stood in the exact same spot, but weren’t seeing the same thing.

It was a so weird. It was like a strange case of deja vu. It’s like we were watching a similar movie but with different characters. We were facing the Northshire abby, but I saw a warrior run out, and he saw a priest. That’s not all that was different. We ran to Goldshire, and not once did we see each other.

We stood in the exact same spot in the street. There were duels going on in Goldshire. But, we weren’t watching the same duel. It was exciting but lonely. If we’d been playing on two different servers it would’ve made perfect sense. The problem is we were both on realm 15. We’d been sharded to a different layer of it.

I made some amazing friends in Wrath because sharding didn’t prevent me from meeting them. Although, I don’t speak to these friends today, I treasure the memories. And, those gaming buddies were good friends for many years before they stopped playing WoW and moved on.

(Kneeshooter) #119

Well, there was your first mistake! :wink:

Seriously, I had something similar happen to me yesterday. A guildy was offering free enchants, sitting on the roof of the Org AH. Went there - no guildy. He had to group with me so I could see him, which I did as he faded into view. It was an odd experience.

I take comfort from the fact that layering will be removed at the time Blizzard have indicated it will. I have no doubt they will do it because the response to not doing it would be, shall we say, loud.



I really think this is another thing that blizzard left in so that they could use it. Similar to the raid xp bug. That is why none of the abusers will get into trouble. The gm’s wont ban themselves. hahahah


Wow, didnt even think about this. Man, layering cannot go away fast enough.


i thought there was already a cooldown of several minutes between layer hopping? O.o


They made several tests in the beta, but for whatever reason, decided to leave out all the exploit avoidance mechanics until after world firsts.

If I were a foil hat wearing guy, I’d say it was intentional.


Make layer jumping start at 30 mins, if you jump layers before the 30 mins is over it will let you but you get an extra 15 + mins on top of the 30 min timer " 45 mins " and you will be stuck to that layer even if you log out for 45mins