New Increasing Cooldown for Changing Layers


Cool, maybe you should of actually thought of this before the game came out. I mean there was a beta and everything or wait was that just for publicity?


Launch level surges won’t exist then either.


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not to continue to ask the same “what happens when I fall off a roof” question but when and how the hell are you gonna get rid of layering?


@kaivax unable to login to any characters. Anytime I try to login, it get’s stuck at around 80% and then disconnects me from the auth server.


Sure are a lot of crybabies…


You sure they didn’t just bubble-hearth?


Blizzard implemented layers so more people could not just log on, but also be able to get things done.

They implemented our ability to change from one layer to another so we could still join up with fellow guildies, friends, or other people in order to complete various tasks.

Players decided to whine and cry about layers because of possible exploits, or because it wasn’t an “authentic” experience. Some players chose to exploit the layers, and Blizzard responded with a fix, which seems to me to be quite reasonable. Folks are demanding a harsher fix? Do people realize that such a response from Blizzard would cripple everyone else’s ability to group up and use layers the way they were intended?

Flat-out banning layers would make the overall experience miserable. Trying to quest in a crowded zone can be frustrating, if not impossible. Just getting rid of layers and allowing 3-4 times as many people than a classic server could hold would be a catastrophic experience to all who’re involved.


Absolutely 100% positive


If someone is changing layers very frequently it gets as long as several minutes? Should be tens of minutes from the get go increasing to hours…


Seems like all of these ‘exploitable bugs’ that people brought up well before Blizzard fixed them were only fixed after a large portion of their streamer/top guilds people used them to get to 60 fast and farm some extra wealth or rep for needed things.


While it certainly is odd to have someone layer in/out… the potential alternative without layering is you or your guildie would not be online at all.

It’s not a pretty solution to an ugly problem… but it’s servicable. Soon layering will be gone for good and there will not be an issue with this.

Here is what you need to ask yourself. If they turn off layering and 1/2 of your guild/friends cannot log in for hours due to queues… is that better?

I guarantee you if they disabled layering today… the outrage and massive call to return it would be deafening.

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Needs to scale at something like 1min, 5mins, 10mins, an hour, cooling back down in those same intervals.


Seems like this hotfix had a bigger impact than people originally thought. A streamer last night was complaining that he was having problems changing layers to farm black lotus, when the previous day he was doing it just fine. He wasn’t even changing layers that fast, maybe every 10 minutes?This is a good sign imo

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Not a broken leg if you been playing the retail game for years. Realm and layer hopping has been part of the game for years now. Nothing in this blue post states that layer hopping in and of itself is an exploit. This hotfix is more to address the overwhelming amount of people that think layering itself is an exploit, which it isn’t.


I hope this does not limit professions like enchanting, that rely on selling directly to other players on different layers. Retail fixed this with Velums, but in Classic, enchanters need access to all players to be lucrative.


That’s completely unnecessary. The vast majority of these exploits were for grinding normal mobs and/or resources with sub-10-minute respawn times anyway.

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Justify the use case of sub-10min hopping layers. There isn’t one that applies to 90+% of scenarios.

It should be handled like user permissions with the most restrictive settings unless proven necessary.

Furthermore it should arguably be disabled entirely by now, if not in the very near future.


You could easily join 3 or more groups in the span of ~30 minutes while questing. An hour long cooldown would negatively impact a lot of people while providing very few benefits.

No, it should not be set to the most restrictive settings. It should be only restrictive enough to address the problem so as to have the least affect on normal gameplay.

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You do realize this is not meant to be in the game permanently don’t you? It is meant to handle launch issues with everyone questing on top of each other at the same time.

It is not a “feature” to grant you access to your own slice of the server on a whim. It should absolutely be most restrictive. It shouldn’t even work in instances at all.

Why don’t you just come out and admit you want to cheese the system to get ahead.