New Increasing Cooldown for Changing Layers


theres nothing you need to buy on the AH at lvl 17. Any regeant you need can be obtained in the world the same way those farmers got it.

the AH is a free market (like real life) where anyone can price anything, heres the thing… you dont have to buy… there is a deposit fee whenever you list an item… supply and demand… oversupply cause no one buys they have to lower price… economics… etc


then why wasnt this done at launch you blizzdrone? everyone complained about how exploitable the layering system was in the beta testing but blizard didnt do anything to fix it before it went live?

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Remove layering It is the worst, It ruins wPvP remove it now. Blizzard you are so dumb we don’t need layering anymore its ruining my classic experience.


Think about it this way. With this system in place, it will be easier to find and punish layer hoppers. All Blizz will have to do is pull up a list of what everyone’s current layering cooldown is. Those who have high cooldowns are offenders, and they can be watched or punished.


currently a lvl 48 camping lvl 40 quest mobs… :confused:


if only you could hot fix them ddoses


Hey Blizz you broke layering in Ironforge and now we are screwed from playing the game .


This is like 4 days to late…like always


Oooh a few minutes you say? WOW that is really going to stop people! And then it decreases again you say?

How about we just go back to what we had in 2004, when CPUs were 153 times less capable than they are today (161 passmark vs 20k+ passmark) and yet we were able to play this MMO without layering?

This worked back then:

  1. Split the servers so they have “layer level” population (2-3k)
  2. Allow free xfers from high / full to low.
  3. Merge low pop servers after some time. yes we get surnames or rename, I don’t care.

Somehow Blizzard managed to make this work in 2004-2006 without layering, with technology that SUCKS compared to what is available today.

Why won’t they do it today?

Phase 2 is too late.

Layering is like if we were back in 2004 and you could server transfer instantly, for free, any time you wanted, with no limit. Oh now we’re putting in a few minute delay after each server transfer.


Can you please please please exclude this from capital cities. I am constantly buying stuff off people and due to layering we have to inv and once i have invited or been invited a few times I just can’t trade anymore and have to get people to cod. Please fix this.


As a different work around please make cods instant then.


Hindsight is always 2020.


Blizz has always erred on the side of of doing things in small amounts. In cooking, if something needs salt, you put a little in, taste, then a little more, taste, until it’s just right.

If you just putt a big plop in there you MAY find it too salty…

Clearly this case of them being too cautious about changes. I agree with you… they should have listened prior to launch and figured this out then.

But what’s done is done. There;s no going back.


Again you lock the bank only after it’s been robbed, and don’t do anything about players that done robbed it. This is not how you properly manage a game. You need to be PRO ACTIVE, not RE ACTIVE. People warned you before the game even launched about this issue, and you decided not to care until it was being abused, as if you had no idea anyone would ever do that. What’s the point of even having a beta with feedback if you don’t listen to anything until post launch? Every issue you were late to discover/fix post launch, players already warned you about prior to launch.


Grats on first. An honorable position.


Hence why layering needs to be done away with.


This too is also my favorite part of 2005 gameplay. The part where the paladin shouts:
“Layer me up, Scotty!”


It would be justice for system administrators to strip them of exploited items.


Are you actually putting effort into this level of non punctuated gibberish?


What about people trading in capital cities? I had to change several times for opening lockboxes or using my profession.