New Increasing Cooldown for Changing Layers


Mind = blown


Please also remove layers from Gurubashi Arena. See here: Did Gurubashi Arena have layers in Vanilla? .

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Woudn’t this also affect people simply trading in capital city, since I had to invite the only guy I traded something so far since we couldn’t see each other at the rendez-vous point. Wouldn’t be simple to make people change layer only if they are at proximity of each other?


I know this isnt a 100% fix, but DAMN blizz! I cant believe you guys keep responding to the community in such a timely manner! Srsly is Blizz feeding the classic devs something that the others arnt getting?!

Thank you once again :heart_eyes:


So what happens if I’m in Stormwind trying to trade with people on MY server? Right now with layering I have to invite them to my layer to even see them to trade. Now there’s a cooldown on that? I don’t think you guys fully thought this through.


Several minutes though? How about start with 5 minutes, then doubling/tripling each time thereafter up to 24 hours. Then deteriorate.


The point is not to make it hard on people who are not exploiting but just constantly switching groups with friends.

Minutes doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s how it relates to the problem.

The max time is probably a few minutes longer than respawn timers making it so people who are exploiting would be better off just waiting on respawns on any given later but not punishing Molly and Sue who just want to grouo up for a quest but Sue is on a 30 minute layer CD because she just finished helping someone else.


Just turn off layering. Go to gank a paladin, he fights back for a few seconds, realizes he’s losing. Stands still and stops fighting. Then i realize he’s getting a party invite. Before i can finish him, he vanishes into a new party’s layer. This is my favorite aspect that I remember from 2005. Would rather have no layers with dynamic respawns than this spoof


Ha. Didn’t even know this was an issue. The RP only realm is not plagued by this apparently.


Blizz, how about a flag for combat to prevent this pvp avoidance on a pvp realm:


Why are you fixing this? I thought in another post you said that nobody was abusing the economy due to layering


Is this hotfix the reason why there is such high latency, like… latency on the level of a 56k Modem?


go grind instead, all the chumps are the ones waiting to do quest objectives against the zerg


I will ask again. What are you going to do about people that have exploited layering to level at record pace??? If you are not going to punish those people for exploiting then you are effectively punishing the people who didn’t exploit by removing the exploit…


Like streamers?


Weird. Who woulda thunk layer hopping could have ever been an issue?


Thank you. I wish it could have been earlier… but we’ll take it. Sadly Classic WoW may never launch again fresh… while this certainly had some effect on this Azeroth, I hope it is forgotten and lost in the fun we are having.


Still being massively abused even on stream.

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Why was this not in place on day one? People were pointing out that it would be heavily exploited before beta testing started.


3 hours -> 6 hours -> 12 hours -> 24 hours -> 48 hours -> 72 hours (cap)

^— something like this would probably be more effective, with a “decay” of … 7 days, or something. But, unless my math is wrong, that’d still be approximately 6 layer changes per week. Which seems high for somebody who isnt looking to abuse the system.