New Increasing Cooldown for Changing Layers


Over the many years, they have stated “We are never surprised at how ingenious the player base is, and to what extent they will go to push the game mechanics for their benefit” (paraphrased)

You would think, that with so many people clearly telling them how this could and would be abused… that we wouldn’t be hearing “Gee, we never thought players would…”


step in the right path

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Thankfully I was able to multibox a 5 man group to 60 with the layering exploit before this change went in.

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Too late, was already exploited to get world firsts. All those “achievements” are meaningless.


way too late. entire economies are laughable, servers ruined.

You need to launch a fresh with no layers asap. This is not vanilla this is a themepark.


yea thats not a good thing. hopefully they release new servers on 1.14 soon and all the lazy people can stay on launch servers and all the people that want a vanilla pvp resource glut experience can reroll.


Too little too late, the damage is already irreversible.


Cool I guess, I’ve never had a problem with Layers but whatever.

It’s kind of laughable people are saying servers/economies are ruined… The game has been live for two weeks…lmao!

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Just curious, but how do you actually switch layers? Is it just a matter of logging out and back in?


This change will not have any impact on layering abuse. For example, Black Lotus spawns every 2+ hours. What people are doing is going to a zone like burning steppes, checking each black lotus spawn, then switching layers, checking spawns again, etc. Checking the spawns takes time in itself so this increasing cooldown will never come into play.


economies are fine, servers are fine. if you are a no lifer at this game you will always have an advantage being able to sink 8+hrs a day into something, where as average player now has maybe 4 hrs to accomplish in game. No lifers will always have more money, level first, get epics first… do everything first its the nature of it.

PPl have had 10+ yrs to optimize leveling routes, min maxe efficiency, know exactly where node spawn etc yall act like this is a new game even w/ layering… this isnt a difficult game at all. if you are smart you will be ahead. blueposted states no one has banks full of black lotus.

Be glad these people arent leveling with you, competing with your mob and quests anymore… be glad no one has money to purchase their outprice exorbirant ish even if they did have it. Once we get down to 1 layer the toxicity competition gonna get even thicker than it is


Your missing that layering happens when you join a group, i join more than 6 groups a day let alone a week… if this was the case you wouldn’t be able to group for party quest and dungeons because you wouldn’t be in the same layer as your teammate.
On that same note, it needs to be removed immediately.


minutes?? why minutes. This should be increased.

Practically, nobody needs to “switch layers” for friends every “few minutes”

At a few minutes its a deterrent but your crazy if you think its not worth waiting a few minutes to hop when your farming black lotus…

This really just doesn’t make sense why on earth you would implement such a half a##'d fix instead of fixing it completely. You invite your friends once, you quest for hours, log off. Nobody needs to “switch” friends layers every few minutes in legitimate gameplay.


Just minutes should make it hours…


Blizz there abusing this DO SOMETHING wow


This is great, but I also wonder if a “several minute” cooldown is enough like someone else mentioned.

Also, does this fix break the “QuickLayer” add-on that allows people to automatically layer hop like the add-on that allowed people to automatically realm hop in retail that was broken?


This. Completely agree here with making a hard cap (probably hours) and if they keep doing it, prevent them from being able to switch layers at all (24 hours would be a great start). I like the idea of it impacting them doing dungeons and raids as a disincentive to NOT do it. It’ll still impact gold farmers too because they won’t be able to farm as quickly.


I think their concern is if someone wants to meet up with you to trade or have something enchanted, etc… that you group up with them to find them easier. You get layered… .then right after are asked to run an instance but cannot layer to their party.

With a group of 5… there is a good likelyhood that some one is going to be locked out for a bit.

It’s a slippery slope… what is long enough to deter exploiting, but not hinder the player. I think the increasing lockout is the right thing… but I hope it doesn’t start at like 3-5 minutes. It takes more than that to travel to a dungeon. (Unless a lock summons)

10 minutes is a good amount and let it increase 5 minutes every switch.

But let’s be real. Blizzard has thought this out… good or bad… and we got something at least.


I appreciate this and have a question. I play on an RP realm that can sometimes require multiple layer changes to get large groups in the same place due to multiple party invites. How do you foresee these changes impacting this?


People are selling items for several 100 gold like normal players can afford everyday items for that much :frowning: