New Increasing Cooldown for Changing Layers


band aid on a broken leg

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I’d be interested to hear from people doing layer swapping frequently to see just how far that “longer” extends to. The term “several” can be used for anything that the developers want it to mean (probably short of an hour). What they should do is increase it to a cap, at which point you are locked out of grouping for 24 hours. Ordinary players would be less likely to abuse it if they are unable to run dungeons and raids; gold farmers won’t care about that but it would at least significantly reduce their ability to hop layers.



That’s it??? Shouldn’t it be HOURS?

This won’t prevent the exploits going on of swapping layers every minute to automatically respawn resources / rare mobs / AOE pulls / etc.

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Thank you, Blizzard!

Layering appears to have been removed on Deviate Delight, a medium population server with about 6000 active at prime time, based on the increase in visible people on Teldrassil and also on layered and unlayered /who, though the latter might just be a change in how /who is implemented. (Edit: Blizzard has changed the /who implementation based on experimentation on multiple servers, so I no longer know if layers has been removed yet on DD.). I think they’ll be able to keep their promise of removing layers on all servers by phase 2.

Minutes is comparable to the typical respawn time, so this should significantly reduce the motivation to layer swap. That said, the AH issues I think are mostly just a symptom of very large servers and the dynamics of cohorts mostly moving through levels together.

If it takes you minutes to kill someone in PVP, it’s not layering that’s your issue.


Thanks for listening Blizz! Keep up the good work.


exploit early, exploit often


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Seems insufficient, but okay.


Can we instead just get rid of layering? Servers are decreasing in population and a lot of people have gotten out of the starting areas. (Transfers/rerolls)Whats the point of layering now?


It sed Minutes going up to more how do you know it can’t go as high as an hour they sed moor you do it the worse it will get if you instantly made it an houer would that not hurt pepole just tring to play the game If it was an hour what would happen say a group with one friend get pulled into A laire another friend I need some help I drop group go to go help them but I can’t join the layer they’re on would that not just hurt the regular player I think a system that gradually increases the more you jump and how quickly it’s done adds up is best solution layer will go away any way it’s Temporary

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Who are you…

It has been ages since I saw a blue address problems rather then simply hand waving them away or simply stating it was to difficult to even try and fix it…

Don’t make me trust you again blizzard… it hurts to much to be let down.


can we just have a new fresh server without the layering? or at least make layering only on starting area.

the damage already done and not reversible even with a “fix”
player economy, AH, and level already unbalance and ruining the experience.

imagine playing MMO (massively multiplayer online) but barely see anyone on the area, not to mention a PVP server.

no different than an offline game if every quest i have to solo it.

early launch was great, im having a good time… until layering. my mood to play already ruined not gonna lie, and would happily start over on a new fresh server without that BS

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How about if you start remove layering. I’ve been in zones with no one else from the same layer in that zone. I had to have guildies invite me to groups so that I could be in one with people.


There is no need to be HOURS because quest mobs, objects, nodes etc are on several minutes cooldown. So there will be no point for the people to switch layers because by the time they do, the mob/object/node will respawn in their current layer.


that’s fair.


mate… world bosses and mob respawn timers are a thing. welcome to classic. can’t wait for a mob? go back and play retail.


Layering is also being abused by mostly the same exploiters who abused the raid xp bug that blizzard intentionally left in, those level 50 plus who are farming devilsaurs and all types of other resources all go back to the raid xp exploit. It looks like on average that they gained a 20 level advantage over everyone else who played the same amount of time but didn’t abuse the raid bug.


Great news. Even though the layering issue by nature is a short term issue. It’s nice that the classic team is pushing to address it anyway. Very good for the game.


Blizzard should ban and filter the words ‘’ layer, layyer and layering ‘’ from the chat (same way they do with gold seller), so that nobody can request a layer switch.

This will reduce alot the annoying chat spam about that, i dont even know why they still havent done that lol seem obvious.

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Minutes won´t stop the exploiters, they have whole armies of characters dedicated to this.

Also, where are the bans for exploiting? Are you just gonna let them keep the thousands of herbs and ore they have gained?

What about rollbacks for the XP exploit…

Sorry, but you need to do something here, else Classic has no chance to survive. The economy is completely broken, stacks of 20, just for above vendor price.