New forum function - posting anonymously, as Anonymous

flagged, possible will be removed for trolling, because OP gained likes then changed topic details. Which is rude.

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No as i’ve said, blizzard doesn’t like multi threads for the same topic. Get a clue.

I don’t mind if that happened, but in game?

there was no other btag thead, that thread you linked was an account wide ignore thread.

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hands weed eater

Get to it! Daylights burning!

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Taking a literal impression of the CoC: that thread is fine (as it’s been restored multiple times, and pre-dates this one by several months), this thread on the same topic should be classified as spam.


The “people” asking earlier have already been linked that same post. They’ve seen it. They just conveniently forgot. They like to tell other people to go digging through thousands of posts in the account wide ignore thread, but won’t do the same. It’s easier to pretend they never saw it.


yes they could use the information of your alts from the same btag to find and contact you via those alts in game.

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I appreciate you lying about me

Very quickly was “I specifically mean on the forums btw, I shoulda said that” added to it, moment someone mentioned in game I added that


The BTag isn’t really any different if all you do is post on your main. It’s been used just fine on the other Blizzard forums. The only reason they don’t use it here is because WoW players are more likely to be attached to their WoW characters.

that’s why we need anonymous function in forums.

Yes, using Btags

They wouldn’t be able to do anything to you in-game that they couldn’t already from stalking on the forums.

It’s trolling
This post is inflammatory, extraneous, or upsetting.

Your posts fill all 3.


no the OP of that thread specifically states it is not a btag thread.

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nope, nope, nope!!

can you prove it? Looks skechy.

When you’ve been dealing with the same sock puppet for months it becomes easier and easier.

The first thread was requesting btags, but people become very toxic and endlessly harassed people in it so it was shut down

Because the antibtag crowd just happens to be notoriously hostile towards stuff that would cull their ability to harass people

Sure read the thread


yes they can.