New Celestial Mog disappeared

I don’t have that happening. I do not have any add ons.

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Trust me if it was easily reproduced it would be fixed by now all you can do is play the waiting unfotuntely.

You file a bug report to get added to the list.


Interesting enough, I also want to point out that the store does see I still own it, so this ensamble must still be there in some fashion.

That is because the issue is in-game. Somewhere between your account saying you have it and the game showing you have it the information is getting lost/misdirected.

The ones who have the problem have it appear and disappear and appear and disappear.

Same happening to me, it comes and goes, no pattern to when it goes. I stopped bothering about it really. Hope you guys can find the solution for it soon.

Yes I just noticed mine disappeared, I can’t select individual pieces either

Definitely something screwy going on. I have two subs under my bnet account and had the set mogged on one character. Now all my my store mogs are missing, both as sets and individually, on the sub I have that character on but everything is still showing up ingame on the the other sub.

Whew, glad I’m not the only one. Another thing happens a LOT lately, is mogged sets disappearing on alts where I have to “re-apply” them. Not shop mogs either but just regular in game sets. And I’ve had to reapply the shop helm so many times on one of my alts that I’m getting super tired of it.

You need to file an in-game bug report when that happens.

I have. Every time.

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Telling battle net app to scan and repair on all my macs seems to have helped bring back my store mogs. Not sure if it’s related but there all there and usable.

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Just happened to me, bought two pieces of gear off the pvp vendor and when went to mog them to the celestial set, it’s gone, so are all my other store bought sets.

Adding my voice to this, too. I assume it’s related to current login issues on Aman’Thul. I had issues today on another toon, and then realised my transmog was gone.

I recall something similar happened during BFA, with the recruit-a-friend transmog. Also after server issues.

It’s been a known issue since 9.1 dropped. So no, whatever login issues there are right now? Nothing really to do with it, I’m afraid.


You need to post in Bug Rreports to add your voice to it. QA doesn’t take reports from Customer Support and the SFAs are not liaisons.


Firstly, you’ll want to edit the profanity out of your post if you want to be taken seriously.

Secondly, if you’re so confident (re: “obviously”), the careers link at the bottom of the page is waving at you. I’m sure they’d love your input.

I’d also suggest that if it really is so obvious, they’d likely have figured it out after a year+.


When it comes to items that cost money to purchase, Blizzard should be refunding at least a portion of the costs if the items continue to be bugged. Money was paid for an item/service, if the item/service is unable to be rendered, it is only good form to refund the money paid, otherwise, this would be known as a scam. In the early days, when WoW server stability was at an alltime low, Blizzard did the right thing by refunding a portion of people’s subscription fees. When there is a business-loss related to the bug, somehow additional QA/dev resources magically get allocated and it becomes an actual priority to fix. Based on previous comments, this has been happening for years because they already got their money and there is no additional financial incentive to prioritize this.


My understanding is that account side, it’s showing as the account is consistently showing as flagged, but sometimes it’s not showing to the player. So partial refunds wouldn’t necessarily be easy to implement.

Perhaps that would be a good thing for the suggestion menu in game, but most likely compensation would not happen until after it’s fully resolved.

One can certainly request a refund now, then try buying it later.

They used to grant game time, especially when they were migrating hardware, I don’t exactly remember direct refunds though.


It’s obvious that it is an issue between the shop side of the account not communicating with the live game account side of the databases. The transmogs aren’t permanently added like normal in-game transmogs to the player database. They’re using some sort of ‘tick box’ confirmation. When the game doesn’t get confirmation from the shop side, it removes the transmog/purchases from the account, then readds them when it can get confirmation.

This can easily be solved by making the transmogs PHYSICAL items that can be learnt and entered into the normal transmog database. For this issue to be ongoing for more than a year, since warlords/wings transmogs shows Blizzard not willing to find any workarounds. Placing the onus on the buyer to “wait and relax, it’ll fix itself before it breaks again.”

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