Nelf Fans, don't pre-order

Remember nothing has been answered and nothing has been fixed. All we’ve gotten out of all this is something slightly more involved than a tweet. A Blizzcon question answer. Shadowlands is not worth any Night Elf Fans money until they give us the resolution to our “”"“story”""" that they used to kick off the worst expansion in the game’s history and proceed to only bring up to remind us that we should feel bad for picking Night Elves as our favorite.

Don’t pre-order. Don’t even regular order. Unsub. These forums are just as buggy and garbage as their game. You’ll still be able to post here.


Tempting, it really is but I do want to see Ardenweald. But if they kill Tyrande I’m done. I won’t be preordering anything though.


Tyrande going yo Ardenweald is only going to end negatively. With the way theyre ruining her character and making her constantly anti-elune it will end with her being a kill quest recommended for 2 or more players.


It’s probably time to give up on the lore if you’re a night elf fan honestly. The writers will never write the night elves out of the absolute misery they’ve sent them into in BfA and instead just solely focus on Sylvanas and how great she is.
Maybe they’ll rub more salt into the wound like they did when they said that all innocents that died are in eternal torment and pain in the maw now. Or make the night elves forgive the horde like in 8.3.

Guess that’s what happens when they have a hatred for the night elves and are absolutely in love with Sylvanas and Nathanos, can’t wait for their redemption arc.


Every single person who’s died since who knows when has been sent to the Maw, the NEs are not special in this regards. The only ones who have apparently been allowed to escape that fate is those with strong links to specific Death entities; like Bwonsamdi. I mean, if it makes you feel better, anyone the Horde PC killed after making our deal with Bwon was sent to De Otherside instead. That was our bargain, those lives we take get sent to him … which means they have at least been spared the Maw I suppose. Its part of the reason I’m convinced that he’s not working with the Jailor, because what is the point of that deal if he was sending souls to the Maw anyway?

Welcome to the Troll Afterlife folks!


I mean you do you but if you’re not going to play could you stop polluting the forums with all this salt?

I didn’t care for the story either but I’m not going to act personally attacked by Blizz’s tepid writing. At least the Nelves got some lovely hand drawn art and canon stories attesting to how stoic and noble they are even in their darkest hour. Ardenweald is practically designed specifically with Nelves in mind - it’s an entire wing of the afterlife dedicated to their aesthetic.

And it sure seems like the Burning of Teldrassil and the fate of those souls are going to be a major point of the expansion. Between that and Windrunner I think the rest of us are within our rights to be tired of elves.

I mean did we catch the same Blizzcon because it sure seemed like they couldn’t shut up about their precious, beloved Nelves.

Meanwhile ya know, Forsaken also lost their city. Also possibly all relevant lore characters save for Voss. As for 8.3 seems all we get to do is talk to Calia. About the future of the Forsaken? No. Of course not. We get to talk about - you guessed it - the future of the undead Nelves! Even a story moment with just undead humans speaking in Tirisfal has to circle back to ya’ll.

You’ve the spotlight more now than in any point in WoW’s history outside the end of Reign of Chaos. Sorry it’s not your liking but pretending Blizzard hates you is downright delusional.


I don’t see how anyone not happy with BFA is willing to throw money at blizzard again for yet another expansion of being told absolutely nothing and patches that takes many months to implement but take less than 3 days of casual play to complete. Sometimes in just one sitting.
Blizzard keeps telling us “Wait for so and so patch! Totally worth the payoff!!!” and every time it is a climactic as a wet fart on an elevator

Do yourself and wallet a favor, if you really want to buy it, just wait a year when the expansion goes on sale and you have 2 or 3 patches to work with.


TIL people still preorder Expansions.

Don’t lol. If you nelfs only play for the story then don’t waste your money. I think reading wowhead is enough to satisfy. If you actually play content as was intended then its your choice.

I personally hate the story, but I love mythic+. I’ll play.


I didn’t buy a ticket. So unless something was glossed over as not being worth a talking point the only time Nelves are brought up is to say “Hey don’t forget that you should hate yourself for picking nelves because all your innocent civilians in Teldrassil are suffering forever!” And “Also Tyrande is abandoning vengeance so she can go be a villain in Ardenweald!”


Word to the wise, NEVER Pre-Order

Pre-Orders are for the most part a scam to get you money as soon as possible, you have no clue of the quality of the game your pre-ordering until it comes out.


Also unsubscribe!

We’ll all really miss the endless complaining. But it’s the only way to show Blizzard you mean business!


You know what, I’m probably going to do just this. I came to Legion late, in fact I think by the time I started ToS might have already been out. I believe that Argus was the last one to be released. So maybe I will wait. The BfA patch wait time has been horrendous.

Yea some lovely art and stories to show their misery, but they couldn’t be bothered enough for a GCI cinematic. Negative attention is not good attention.

And they also couldn’t be bothered to go more into detail with that, something like we’ll be saving them.

Uh actually the only time NE were mentioned were in some rather minor interviews and when they wanted people to cheer at that picture of the burning of teldrassil

Literally only negative attention, not a single positive thing. Meanwhile Sylvanas gets all the positive attention


usually pre-ordering semething is not a great idea.

look to what they did in wc3, Lol.


Been unsubbed for months now. The forums are just as buggy and poorly designed as the game and it’s story. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Am i the only Night Elf who think the opposite? Where Tyrande going to Ardenweald will be her finding herself again and getting reassurance in her faith and Elune? Her whole theme, from what it sounds like to me, is lost and seeking answers, which i think is going to happen.


Most likely it will be nothing satisfying because Blizz doesn’t do that for Night Elves, they have never done it. If you want a satisfying story you have to be a Sylvanas loyalist or (to some extent) a Horde player.

Also, as a side note, there are already various complaint threads from horde players about Tyrande in Ardenweald so it might even be removed before it goes to beta

Also the chance of us saving all the night elf souls from the maw probably equals zero.

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You’re, in my opinion, illogically optimistic to think that Blizzard will give Nelf Fans something to enjoy like that. There’s precedent over the past 9 years of content to even remotely ellude to them caring about Night Elves as a living breathing race in this story for anything other than the victims of Horde ppwer fantasies and the damsel for Human players to save.


Too late. I already pre-ordered.

I get that misery loves company, and I am one of the most pessimistic people around. But if you really aren’t enjoying Warcaft’s content, then leave. These posts don’t help anyone. You might as well be taking role call and say “Everyone who’s not here please raise your hand.” Going around telling other people what to do, as if you don’t expect them to use their own minds and research things on their own and come up with their own decisions, is just insulting, doesn’t contribute to anything here, and is a waste of everyone’s time.


This. If you pre-order games, you are a fool.