Nelf Fans, don't pre-order

It might be. BFA took a hard toll and confidence in the story is not at a high point. Particularly among Night Elf fans. There has been no payoff for sticking with the story for BFA so it kinda should be expected that excitement be on the low end for Shadowlands given the downer beginning for BFA is now a downer middle and ending as well, then Shadowlands promising more kicks…

Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy is a trope for a reason.

“I completely hate this game, but I’m going to keep posting here!”

Please don’t.


“Don’t give feedback in the official forums”


When did “spamming salty rants whenever someone mentions (or doesn’t mention) a specific topic, including in unrelated threads” become feedback?


I dig the optimism and I think that’s the way it will probably go. People just want to gripe instead. I believe Tyrande has a huge part to play here, I forget where I read it but Elune has been attacked and became preoccupied and that’s why she couldn’t defend teldrassil but blessed Tyrande to handle business. ( I think they mentioned that at blizzcon actually)

Tyrande will have a huge story to play here, so fret not Night Elves.


No, I think that is exactly what will happen. Her Night Warrior narrative is a beat for beat repeat of Liadrin’s formation of the Blood Knights. This includes the catastrophic event that shakes their faith. This includes them finding a method to “demand” power from their source, transitioning them from a priestly figure into a more divine-warrior type. This will also likely include her finding her way back to her faith, and forming a more “longevity” oriented Night Warrior group.

Why anyone thinks that Blizz would invest the art assets to create the Emerald Dream in the Shadowlands just to have Tyrande fly further off the handle is beyond me? She’ll find peace in some form or another, then get her shot at at least Nathanos; if also not “a” shot at Sylvie herself.


Tyrande can have a big role there, sure. But nobody said it will be something positive for the night elves.

Believing that anything positive will happen to the night elves or that we will free their souls from the maw with the current writing team is foolish at this point.

Just as foolish as

thinking that they will have their most hated race do something against their abolute favorites Nathanos and Sylvanas.

8.1 should’ve made it clear enough.

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Do you just run off of hyperbole? Also, no, if Blizz has us actually attacking Bwon then the Darkspear will retain their position as “Most Hated PC Race”. Blizz created an entire zone that reflects the Emerald Dream to let Tyrande wander through to find herself and her faith again. Its gorgeous tbh, very reflective of the Fey Wilds in most fantasy. De Otherside of the Troll Group that has had a complex relationship with Death since WC3 in contrast is a 5 Man dungeon; where we may or may not kill their equivalent of Elune.


Hyperbole? I’m as realistic as you can be at this point. Remember 8.1? And when they called it revenge ? What did we achieve in 8.1? Oh right absolutely NOTHING because sylvanas can just create more val’kyr. Great, so giving 1 of Sylvanas limited Val’kyr to the night elves is already too much for the current writers.

What even to expect? What will they give us when 1 of Sylvanas val’kyr that she can’t recreate would’ve already been to much as a compensation for the complete and utter annihilation of the entire night elven race.

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  • The Bilgewater had to wait 8 years for our “revenge”; with Gallywix finally gone.
  • The Worgen still have not claimed their vengeance, nor their city back, in that time.
  • The MU Orcs were not allowed to claim their vengeance against the force that corrupted them, turned them into raving monsters, and led to the destruction of their entire planet.
  • The Forsaken and BEs were but small footnotes in the battle against Arthas; with the prior actually having a larger role being a point of contention between the two Factions.
  • The Darkspear will never get their ancestral homes on the Darkspear Isles back; nor claim vengeance against the Naga or Kul Tirans for their loss and Sen’jin’s death.

So … barking up the wrong sympathy tree on this end. You only care that its the NEs that haven’t gotten their vengeance yet, because you only seem to care about the NEs. Which is why you also lump all Horde Races and Players into the same category of getting off on dead NEs.


Right?? And I’m beyond excited to see it happen! I also hope that when she embraces Elune again her model gets an upgrade to match her Hearthstone Art! That would be amazing!


So why do they say that they got their revenge then? It’s basically as saying “there won’t be anything more” because the night elves aren’t allowed to land a single, even a single small blow on the horde even if it’s just a Val’kyr. Not even that was allowed. Meanwhile the horde can casually wipe out most of the race, destroy their lands and not face a single consequence for it and not have to show any remorse or regret for the most heinous crimes in Warcraft history.

If they say that the night elves won’t get their revenge then fine, I would still be angry about it but I hate getting lied to like that.

Oh you’re on the path of being let down…

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They also told us that we’d finally get to fire that damned canon in Bilgewater Harbor after 8 years, but that aint likely to happen now. They lie … a lot. They also bend or break the lore … a lot. Which is why I am not convinced that they don’t intend to make Calia Menethil the leader of the Forsaken; just not next expansion.


I don’t see why not, I mean so far Night Elves were only promised positive development in SL.

-Learning more about Elune and why she may not have been as helpful as she could’ve been during WoT.

-Saving the Nelven people from eternal damnation within the maw (I mean, that’s what heroes are for, isn’t it?)

-Deeper look into Ardenweald, the place where wild gods and other natural world deities go when they die.(Ursoc, Agammagan, Rezan, Shadra, ect.)

-More story for Tyrande within the Ardenweald zone

I mean, I don’t know how competently the writers will execute all this stuff, but from face value alone, I’d say Night Elves are getting a zone that is the equivalent of an apology letter. Though again, we’ll have to see how competently they’ll follow through on all of this.


Now hear me out,

What if cool stuff for you Night Elves actually does happen finally? What IF things do start to pick up? I’m a skeptic on things in general in things but what if this is the return of great story to come for a lot of people.

They didn’t promise us that

that’s most likely not going to happen

That actually seems to happen

More humiliation for Tyrande, yay!

It would surely be amazing, but it’s impossible to happen. Not with the current writing team.

If this ever happens, which it won’t, then I will start supporting their product again and playing their game. But the current writers would need to be replaced first for this to happen.


Well…technically they got the former in WoW. The post-Cataclysm troll starter zone basically revolves around specifically confronting and taking down the same sea witch and her fellow naga followers who drove them out of and sank the Darkspear Isles during the RoC tutorial campaign.

And they were part of the Horde forces stomping all over Daelin’s forces and putting down the Grand Admiral in the TFT Horde campaign, so that’s pretty direct retribution against the literal perpetrators of the wrongdoing against them right there.

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Look, I’m insanely sceptacle when it comes to these sort of things. However, from all indications of Ardenweald its designed to be a place of quiet self reflection. If that is the case, then Tyrande at the very least has a good setting for a personal journey. Considering the local, it would be nice if it were Talaanji that got the same for that zone on the Horde side.

I know asking for two separate storylines in such a zone is asking for too much from current Blizz, but with only four story zones in the entire introduction to the Shadowlands … it may be time for such a route. Its actually gotten to the point where I’m trying to figure out THE character of Each Faction I’d like to take a central role for each zone. I’m building myself up for disappointment, but one rep per zone would be so charming.


Those wisps at darkshore apparently were able to bypass whatever is going on in the shadowlands… this afterlife story is getting ridiculously difficult to keep track of, though.