Name Violation - Account suspension ( i am paying a game that i am afraid to play)

I have played WOW for 13+ years , and i have many characters with strange names.

Recently, due to the Pandemic Melbourne AU is in lock down, so i came back to wow. During the past 2 month sub i received two suspensions due to name violations. (i am paying a game that i am afraid to play)

I am having trouble understanding as WHY was i able to create that character with this name in the first place, let along play it for the many levels, and in my case many years. And then was brutally told nope, you can not use that name and it is your fault and you the paying customer will be punished for it.

in total i received 6 days suspension during the 2 month sub.

First ban i was logging on after a year away from the game to move mail out of that character so i can delete it. That character has been sitting there for many years on a low pop server, i do not believe it was possible to get the amount of reports to ban that time.

Second time yesterday, druid i leveled to level 19 and was also just logged on to move mail and received an instantaneous ban. Why did i use the same name? because i was allowed to at the creation of the character.

Am i on the wrong track of thoughts or was i just stupid?

ps. I have a 3rd character with that exact name a level 120 Gnome monk on Tichondrius alliance Which i played for more than 8 years. Was wondering whether can the GMs just help me change that name also. I do not wish to get another ban. I am too afraid to log on to that character now.

Forum Moderator Note: Please do submit a ticket to self report your names. A Game Master will go through to rename anything that would be against the rules.

It’s not something that would increase the penalty length, as you’re being proactive. But logging into a character with an inappropriate name once the action ends, can lead to longer actions if it’s reported.


Just stupid.


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Make a ticket for the remaining toon explaining the situation. Tell em you want to name change so you’re not in violation.

Or just pay the ten bucks for a name change yourself.


Don’t they force you to rename your character as you log it on? I guess after a few warnings you get what’s coming.


i will just stop playing that character T_T

if i add 6 bucks to the 10 i can play a whole month.

i am afraid if i send a message to customer support they will add more days to my suspension, i heard stories how people appeal and got permanently banned for taking up customer support’s time.

hence why i am b****ing about this on the forum.

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Can confirm, this has happened to me before


You’re allowed to make that name because Blizzards name filter is pretty lax. It has no real ways to think of the possible different permutations you could to make a “bannable” name.

Like they might ban you from naming a character F***, but if you replace the U with Ú, the computer doesn’t recognize it as that word, even though a human very clearly would.

They won’t. My brother had a character called cumfart and Blizzard changed it for him NP.


Correct, they don’t usually suspend you unless you have a history of making questionable names and/or keep using the same name after a rename.


(Caution): Discussing violations of rules and punishments on the forums is a ground for moderation on the forums. You’re best off contacting customer support.


good point, but i still like to get a warning first O.o like you are at the last warning. We will suspend you from now on, i will be like Oh S… i better play nice. And all this could be avoided.

I’ve been suspended once in 16 years. I can’t imagine how bad the name would have to be to get hit twice in the span of a couple months…


what, i can not discuss this on the forums???

You can discuss general issues you have with the policy, but not your specific instance.

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hahaha you’re brother has a good sense of humor…lol


The ban hammer is out of control

These forums are a perfect example

The majority of posts are:

“grabs popcorn”
“gives cookies”
“its not sunday”

Those with any opinions or common have long been sanitized from this platform, by over-zealous moderators.


oh ok, i did not know that, thanks.

Then stop paying for a game that you are afraid to play …geeeeezzzz

When Blizzard forces a rename, that’s your first and final warning.


(Commentary): From what I have understood of this in the past, that is the case.

(Suggestion): Try contacting customer support directly.