Name Violation - Account suspension ( i am paying a game that i am afraid to play)

Being a paying customer doesn’t exempt you from punishment for breaking the rules you agreed not to break. My guess is you know exactly why those names were changed. Just because a name makes it through the name filter doesn’t mean it’s ok to use.

Chances are someone reported the name while you were logged in, a gm saw the report and agreed that the name needed to be changed. Thus you were forced to change it.

So you used the same name that lead to a forced name change and you’re wondering why?

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do it. Use this as a good life lesson for the future. Be thankful it was only 6 days, repeatedly breaking the rules (or in this case the same rule) can propel someone up the penalty volcano.


but i still like this game. T_T so much things to do to here. its really the place to be during lock down.

TBH I’m still in awe with how long he managed to get away with it for.

Leveled that character to 90 and played it ages before he ended up asking CS to change it.

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well go on dude. what was the name?


your brother is also an interesting fellow.

I know a guy who named a character something blatantly, awfully racist. and then he rp yelled awful things in dalaran… for almost an entire expansion before blizz forced the name change.

then I know another guy who named a character “blackpanties” and got suspended within a week.

their enforcement is… not always consistent.

(and by “know a guy” I mean these were internet strangers I encountered over the years, not that I in any way support or condone the thing the first guy named his character which is really so awful I won’t even repeat it)


so, easy fix just stop using stupid names, but ppl will still report u no matter what, maybe ur AH prices are too high or you did something, or you ganked someone or u camped someone, i just wish more game playing rather than reports.

if they false reporting you it will back fire on them


Just because a name is reported does not mean it will be forced to change. If the GM reviews the name and it doesn’t violate any rules nothing happens.

You can self report your name and it won’t cause any penalty to your account.


Thing is according to the OP these toons had the name for many years so why now is Blizz punishing him/her. If it was offensive or broke any naming rules shouldn’t it have been taken care of long ago and with the first toon along with no variation of that name being able to be made ?

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oh ok, i will try that.

Since Blizzard reacts to reports, up until now the name hadn’t been reported. Why would you name a new character a name that you were forced to change and received a three day suspension for?

Perhaps some people need to take responsibility for their actions. The OP broke the rules twice and breaking the rules has consequences.


You knew it was wrong, but you created it anyway. That’s why. If you’d read the ToS, you would know that.

I had an old guildmate that seemingly wanted to get himself banned, and he finally did. He purposely chose an offensive name to see how long it took to get suspended.

You know it’s wrong, you have that same name on multiple characters so … you do get what is deserved punishment. The first time you got banned and you were told why, you should have opened a ticket, explained the problem (that you were 13 years younger and not as mature as you are now) and want to have the toons flagged for name change so as not to get another ban.


Send in a ticket. I had a character with a terrible name and I regretted it. Sent in a ticket said I was sorry and if I can please have a name change. The GM was nice and said np, here’s a name change. I didn’t get suspended or anything.


who actually reads the ToS, And i can create it why cant i use it?

In-game reporting is much easier now and things which might have seemed borderline 13 years ago can be considered highly offensive now.

The term “Pinkie” in the US refers to the small finger on each hand. In the UK, it is slang for male reproductive organs.

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Did he give the other characters the same name before or after the suspension .

From the looks it was before the suspension happened .

Maybe the op has a history of improper names but to be honest ever since they got rid of a lot of people at blizz their policing policies have been erratic.

Those who don’t sign a contract with out first reading it.

Just because you can use a word in a name doesn’t mean you should use it. There are many words that will make it through the filter while still not being acceptable in game.


Because Blizzard can’t be bothered to block every offensive name in every culture and every population in all the regions in which the game is marketed.

Just because you can use it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea, and if you ever had any legal classes, you’d know you can’t not read something and expect to say “I didn’t read it.”

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