[NA][H][Thrall]<Ominous Vengeance> Weekend AOTC raiding guild

Ominous Vengeance(US-Thrall) is recruiting social players, raiders, m+ runners!!

Guild Info:

18+ guild for leveling, dungeons, raids, & fun banter. Primarily PvE-focused - but no pressure to participate.

We do not tolerate the intolerable. Decent humans > Elite players. Black Lives Matter.

All levels & classes welcome for social/casual play, keys, or raiding

Guild Rules:

No begging (loot/gold/etc)

No posting meters/bragging

Zero tolerance for racism/bigotry/misogyny

We primarily use Discord for socializing, sharing information/food/memes and during dungeons, raids, and other events.

Raid Schedule:

Main core raid(AOTC-focused)

Fridays - 8pm to 10pm eastern

Sundays - 7pm to 9pm eastern

Fun/Casual drop-in style raid(normal-focused but maybe heroic after)

Wednesday - 7pm to 9pm eastern


We’re seeking any and all players for our guild. We’re currently full on the core raid team, but we run a fun Wednesday raid for anyone who wants to try out raiding or just likes raiding in general but can’t commit to multiple days.

We love social players, raiders, m+ runners, all kinds!

If you are interested or want to know more, please join our Discord, introduce yourself in the front-lobby channel and an officer will reach out: discord invite code: qEpb4WER

Thank you!!!

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Bump it upppp. Trials are next Friday and Sunday. Clock is ticking!

We need some pew pews, plz

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good morning, come raid with us :smiling_face: :coffee:

good evening, come raid with us :smiling_face:

good morning and happy blizzcon day! We’re still looking for some ranged and a healer :slight_smile:

Happy Blizzcon Day! Don’t be shy, Apply! (getting into this guild is easier than a Wal-Mart interview)

New expansion(s) HYPE. Come join us if you’re returning or want to raid in 10.2!!

Still recruiting ranged dps and a healer for 10.2 AOTC group! :partying_face:

Good morning!!! Still looking for cool people to join our team. We’re a welcoming bunch, lots of fun banter in the discord, LGBT-friendly, non-judgmental environment.

If you’re interested, let me know!

Spots are still open :face_with_monocle:

Good morning you beautiful WoW players. We’re still accepting trials for our raid team and social/casual players for the guild as a whole. We’ve got a great vibe, come check out the discord and see if we’d be a good fit for you :slight_smile:

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Happy Monday! Still accepting new players and raiders for the raid team :slight_smile:

Our Discord has a channel for dank memes that you stole from Reddit. Not accepting Facebook or Tumblr memes at this time. Thank you for your interest.


4 days till raid trials, join ussssss :alien: