[N-RP] Shadow of Lordaeron - The Damned Return

They think us so easily defeated. They think us so easily destroyed. They think that we are weak and that we are gone. They think that these Plaguelands can be cleansed of the blessing of undeath bestowed upon them, of the plague and bile spewed across it. They are wrong. The Cult of the Damned shall rally once again. We are the Scourge and we will not be so easily beaten or broken. Let them think we are defeated or injured, Lordaeron will soon be ours once again.


The Shadow of Lordaeron represents a coalition of cultists and necromancers led by the remnants of the Cult of the Damned’s leadership. This group operates as a discreet faction within the larger Cult of the Damned, with its activities spanning from Northern Lordaeron to the Kingdom of Stormwind. These necromancers and cultists are dedicated to realizing the core beliefs and aspirations of the Cult of the Damned: the establishment of a world engulfed in death and the bestowal of undeath, granting immortality to those deemed worthy.

As servants of the Scourge, this faction predominantly operates covertly, with some members blending into the ordinary populace while others openly assault newly restored settlements or unleash the Scourge’s fury upon the Argent Crusade and the remnants of the Scarlet Crusade. Ultimately, their goal is to bring death’s embrace to the land and create a paradise of undeath for those who are willing to serve.

Leadership and Council:

The Council is composed of a select number of high-level cultists, specifically chosen for their dedication, service, and leadership abilities within the Cult. These members aid in leading what remains of the Cult of the Damned within the Plaguelands, working to ensure the Cult’s growth, as well as the success of Scourge operations in the region.

Current Members of the Council:

Uqur the Harvester - Master Summoner and Aspiring Lichlord [OOC GM]
Kalven Renfield - High Cultist and Instructor

Roleplay Expectations:

The Shadow of Lordaeron makes sure that our roleplay guidelines/expectations are known to the public and enforced for all members of the guild, regardless of rank.

  • Guild members are required to wear the guild-provided uniform for certain events. This is to allow the “theme” of the Cult of the Damned to surface more, as well as provide anonymity in certain scenarios (battles, certain operations, ceremonies, etc).
  • Guild members are required and expected to adhere to general community policies. Ie. No trolling, no metagaming, treating everyone with respect, adhering to general TOS and community guidelines, etc.
  • Members are expected to communicate respectfully with other members of the rp community when engaging in rp, especially combat. This is to ensure fair, but reasonable, conclusions can be made for interactions so that both writers feel satisfied and not go against their character’s integrity.
  • Any and all drama is to be left at the door when joining the guild, if a member engages in “drama-mongering” or trying to stir up situations that may result in situations where members may be affected, leadership will address it with people involved and go from there. If a pattern is noted, a member may be kicked/banned.

More Information and How to Join:

If you’re considering becoming a member of the Shadow of Lordaeron, we invite you to explore our guild website and reach out to one of our officers or council members. Visiting our website is the initial and crucial step in determining if we align with your preferences, roleplay style, and the various elements that contribute to a successful guild membership.

Our website is: ShadowofLordaeron.carrd.co Check us out!


We are still recruiting and our events are starting next week. Our weekends are full of rp and we would love for you to join us!


Love your website. I will for sure keep an eye out for you guys. I have a lot of flexibility on the weekends :slight_smile:


I hear the GM is a Lich and all powerful… and really handsome!

Come join us! We’re beginning our first campaign, robbing graveyards, slaying argents, maybe baking some plagued grain pies (just like grandma used to make)!

Please do! We’d love to rp sometime!!

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Instructor Drandeth here, Acolytes are not only wanted but sorely needed! You will be granted power, knowledge, wealth, and someday immortality!

You “acolytes” who fail me will be turned into ghouls, we could use the hands and why waste a good corpse?


Just stopping by to say, nice Hallow’s End costumes XD


After our first successful event, a local cemetery within the Western Plaguelands has been completely taken over and desecrated by the Cult of the Damned!

Events are rolling out, just like our meat wagons! It’s not too late to join, but we will be temporarily closing recruitment on November 10th through December 1st!


Have you ever wanted to condemn the living to set them free of the ignorant flesh prisons? Well now you can! For the low price of eternal servitude, you can reap the benefits! Act within the next lifetime and you can get for free, that’s right for free:

  • Your own custom Scourgestone! Lazy? Don’t worry someone can take control for you.
  • Immortality! That’s right, when you’re already dead, what is left to kill?
  • Free Education. That’s right! Your tuition is paid for upon enlisting.
  • Career opportunities. There’s many jobs here, find what’s right for you.

That’s right, act now, and get the benefits! We are not responsible for loss of land, family, friends, or general mortality. Humanity is fleeting and we are not legally liable for damages or deaths done by members of our orginization.



profusely sweats
You’re… not gonna plague anymore grain, are you?

I would LOVE to set up some content with y’all and have y’all be the antagonist to THE antagonists. Cultists vs. Scarlets. It’s like fighting fire with fire. :fire:

We gotta compromise though. You can plague our grain, you can summon us as ghouls and liches… But PLEASE don’t have anymore flying Necropolis above our head. Seriously. We don’t have enough fanatics or propaganda to dupe enough humans to come and get wiped out like that again.

In all seriousness much love. :heart:


Good looking guild, still stinky cultists though! <3


How does the Shadowlands cosmology affect this concept? I’m not asking to be snarky — genuinely curious.

If we are talking about the cosmology chart from the Grimoire of the Shadowlands, in some ways it doesn’t. It’s stated in it that a broker made it and “fixed it” since they didn’t believe the previous one from Warcraft Chronicles was correct as they did not believe the Titans had the authority about the universe. When both are now in doubt of being reliable sources, it makes it difficult.

As it stands, it does not truly effect much for us currently. The general consensus among the guild with shadowlands-based content is we acknowledge the lore proceedings, our characters aren’t actively aware, we definitely try not to bring most of the lore into our RP, etc.

Back more on topic (and the reason I edited it), we’ve sort of left the cosmologies on the back burner since it is becoming apparent both are opinionated and neither are correct. Also, not necessarily easy for us to bring it into RP.

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Ripples of death washing over the old country once more?

So be it. For as long as The Damned never rests, neither shall I.

I’ll see you soon, Lich.

((Happy to see you all keeping the threat of undeath alive!))

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I was referring more broadly to Shadowlands, the expansion, having revealed a plane of death and the afterlives that constitute it, along with revelation of the Jailer as the hidden hand behind the Frozen Throne and his subsequent defeat. A lack of awareness of this among your characters makes sense. Are there parts of it you do acknowledge in-character? I understand that the events of the pre-patch were likely known to many even if the details of the Jailer and the Shadowlands were not. Certainly, there is room for cultists who are altogether unaware or even deny the events of Shadowlands.

I’m enjoying the conversation and the thought processes everyone is having! I for one can’t answer alot of them since I don’t really know how shadowlands plays for anyone on an individual level since everyone views that expansion differently than others and they can do that! For me personally? I would say Kal would know of it but has he been there personally… likely not.


Most of us sit in that: “We don’t know what happened and we don’t want to know.” The events of the pre-patch? That’s normal for (most) of us to acknowledge. Anything specific, such as say in Maldraxxus (best zone in Shadowlands) or Revendreth? Nada. This is more-so most of us though.


Rumor has it that an aptly-named group known as the Lordaeron Noble’s Society is going around Stormwind City over the next few days and handing out wax-sealed enveloped about how the local populace can donate to… citizen’s militias fighting in Lordaeron. These donations definitely are not going to a random address in Lordaeron that the Cult of the Damned set up to help fund our new endeavors.

It also appears some people are receiving runic letters. Do not be alarmed, these are a mistake by our now-ex Secretary Iris. If you receive one of these letters, do promptly dispose of it… unless of course, you desire to see how power, knowledge, and immortality can be granted to you.


Kormed receives a letter in the mail.

"Who is ‘MREH’? This has to either be a prank or…



(( Very OOC. <3 ))

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We are still operating out of Caer Darrow. Scholomance will remain a protected asset and school of the Cult of the Damned. But more importantly, the island is a prime position for us to attack other areas nearby…

Rumor has it, we may be targeting an Argent Crusade-ran farm soon. But, you did not hear that from me. :ghost:

Bring us your warlocks, mages, death knights, and mis-aligned priests. Just don’t bring us any Silver Hand paladins. They just get in the way. “Light this, Holy Light that.” They have never heard about the beauty of necromancy?

Events are chugging-a-long and we may have a few server-based storylines going on soon enough! :eyes:

Friendly yeet up we go!