[N-RP Event] CANCELLED- The Monthly Gilded Market & Auction!

Hey you! Yeah, you!

You’re a shrewd and discerning shopper, aren’t you? Of course you are! You knows a good deal when they hear one, right? Of course you do!

So what if I told you there’s something big going down? That’s right, an amazing opportunity that you’ be crazy to pass up! It’s new and improved. It’s fun for all ages. Most importantly, it’s going on right now! Here, give this flyer a once over!


I mean, just check all that out!

You’ll get to browse wares from all across Azeroth- ranging from fine foods to the latest in self defense technology, as well as other items that might be more difficult to acquire in more… restrictive markets. Hey, business is business!

Or, if shopping isn’t your deal, we have lots of other stuff. There’s plenty of food, drink, and other kinds of entertainment to enjoy too. There’s even a big prize raffle that’ll give you a chance of winning any one of several fabulous prizes!

The whole evening ends with a grand auction! Some items are far too rare and expensive to be sold in a normal storefront, so be prepared to bid high!


That’s November 19th, starting at 5pm! The market’s held on the third Saturday of every month, so even if you can’t make it, you’ll have another chance on December 19th*!

Again, that’s Saturday, 5pm server time at the Argent Tournament Grounds in scenic Northrend! If you’ve never been, just head towards the big ominous tower of the dark lord of the undead, and continue northeast from there!

Please note that this a server-wide event. Horde and Alliance will be in attendance as vendors and patrons, so don’t forget your Elixir of Tongues! Even if you do, free ones will be made available!


If you’re interested in getting involved now or in later events in any capacity, please contact us on Discord: V Firebrand#8400, Covfefe#7845, or Tamani#2391.

This advertisement has been brought to you by Tamani Tightclamps of :fire:Firebrand Enterprises :fire: Graphics courtesy of Fefe. That’s Firebrand Enterprises; where your future is our business!


I posted the wrong date in the title… I don’t even have words.

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We are real excited this month to see how things work out! There are some cool new ideas I haven’t seen anywhere else and it’s going to be amazing fun!


My feelings to towards the New Gilded Market!
Ooh, I want you.
I don’t know if I need you.
But, ooh, I’d die to find out.
Ooh, I want you.
I don’t know if I need you.
But, ooh, I’d die to find out!


This is more than just a market, ladies and gentlemen, but a Community Event.

Games, unique character interactions, Raffles all virtually guaranteed to those willing to show up and have a simply good time.

We hope to see you there!


This market is gonna be cool. It is 100% Zug Zug approved.

Come on out and have fun.


Sylvanus Windbreaker may have abandoned the horde and her people, but you know what will never abandon you? The friendly faces and people down at the Gilded Market. Come down and buy stuff.


Two days! So excite!

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One day left! Don’t miss it, folks!

5pm server tonight in Scholomance! See you there!

I’m looking forward to my first time at the Gilded Market! I can’t wait to see what you all put together for us! ^^

The Gilded Market went spectacularly. I know for those of us at the FBC we were so busy with helping customers that we were busy clear up from about twenty minutes in until the IC Auctions themselves were nearly finished. Every moment we were packed with customers and it was fantastic and that is precisely why I make sure to take off for work just to come to this.

Yes, it’s that worth it.


Thanks a ton for making it out. I kept trying to stop by for some idle chit chat, but yeah, there was always someone crowding the Frostbite Contingent booth.

To anyone else who enjoyed themselves or wants to get involved: if you provide In Character, products, services, or entertainment and are in search of another RP venue, hit us up! We’d be glad to work with you! You don’t have to hold a booth every month. Just come when you have the time or want to show off something new.

We can also use more people interested in guard and/or criminal RP!


Would have responded to this earlier, but I’ve been busy OoC and haven’t stopped in until now.

I saw that ya came about a couple of times but yeah, we were so busy that I wasn’t able to give a proper greeting or anything before the next customer came in. lol

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New month! New market! New stuff to see! New stuff to buy! Same ol’ fun!

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GIVE US YOUR GOLD. AHEM I mean that sweet rp in exchange for wonderful rp inspired items. Why are you looking at me like that? THIS ISN’T A SCAM I SWEAR.


Games! Goods! [Illicit activities]! Auctions!

Also it’s faction neutral!

Bring yer butts and yer wallets down to the market this Saturday (11/16)


T minus two days! I hope you all have your shopping lists ready! Remember, the more stalls you patronize, the better your odds in the raffle at the end of the market!

Details for all the game rules and the raffle are on the website!

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It all starts this time tomorrow! For more information, please bug any Firebrand Enterprise employees you bump into in game!