(H-RP) Are there any Profession-centrique RP Guilds?

Are there any guilds on Horde side that focus their RP specifically around Professions and Crafting? Sending guildies on RP quests that are linked to in game crafting somehow or gather missions etc.

Ideally, I want to “apprentice” to a master crafter and focus on making gold in an RP-Friendly manner in opposed to just posting on the AH all the time.

EDIT: I am aware of Alliance guilds, but I prefer to stay Horde side.


The only crafting themed guild I know of is Battlestein Company though they are Alliance on WRA.

Darn, I am a strictly Horde player

Frostbite Contingent is, I’m pretty sure.

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Do they have a site or a forum posting that I can check out that you know of?

It hasn’t been bumped in a while but maybe check them out


Thank you! I will look into if they are still active :slight_smile:

No problem. The guild definitely is but I’m not sure how accurate that info is

After reading through that post, idk that it is exactly what I was looking for, seems to be more about IC item making (non-usable items) from what I understand?

I may be totally misunderstanding it though.

It was just a suggestion. Not sure if there’s something that fits exactly what you’re looking for. Good luck in your search though!

The hunt continues! Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Come check out Firebrand Enterprises! Business/Mercantile/Artisan RP is our bread and butter.

We’ve got a lot of RP events of all kinds, and yes, many of them include going to X in order to secure Y so that our artisans/researchers/medics/inventors can make Z. That’s the focus of our company’s Research branch, actually.

We also have an IC “warehouse” on the Discord, where various items acquired by different people over the course of RP get stored. What can you do with a dozen various sized pieces of jade, some amethyst dust, and a giant bag of seeds?

And once you’ve made something, you can add it to the IC company sales catalogue to be sold at various markets!

We also host a monthly event where people get split up into teams, are given various materials, and then tasked with crafting and marketing an invention on the spot for the audience and a panel of judges!

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That sounds pretty awesome! I will look into it later tonight :slight_smile:
Thank you for the reply!

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I apologize for not seeing this, I ended up swapping my Bnet toon into my DK and never saw the notification for this until now!

We are active, yes and we’re trying to make plans for Prepatch as well as the potential for 2 different storylines ones Shadowlands drops! (For those who aim to go and for those who are staying in the land of the living.)

I haven’t tagged the old thread in a while cause Megahes may go through a class change soon and I wanna get that completed so I can make the new thread and post details from that new mained class.

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Bless, you. Keep doing the Light’s work, friend.

I may be wrong, but Firebrand is very much geared towards business stuff, and I’m almost certain they have a division that actually does the crafting or work, surely they don’t just procure products already finished out of no where.

Seek them out, they’re friendly.

edit: Was unaware how old this was, my bad.

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