[N-RP] Ascension: The Dreaming Spider | Thurdays 5:00 PM | Suramar

Where Suramar
Weekday Thursdays
Time 5:00 PM WrA
Who All Adventurers
What Combat and Mystery

Contacts: Lyastei-WyrmrestAccord (Alliance) and Loviattar-WyrmrestAccord (Horde)
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The fal’dorei venture beyond the tunnels of their decrepit city. Satyrs lit ritual braziers deep within the rot-black forests of Val’sharah. In Stormheim, fearful whispers tell of a creature that flies on the wings of night to destroy unsuspecting villages as they sleep. Tauren hunters report of the Highmountain caves murmuring with sounds their trained ears cannot yet identify.

Something is amiss within the Broken Isles. With fortune on our side, these strange events may yet be unrelated… However, fortune has been not but a fair-weather friend in these uncertain times. The Isles call! It is time we band together, sharpen our blades, pound our chests, and make ready to delve deep into our shattered home, that we may discover what plagues its darkest reaches.


What is Ascension?

Ascension is a public roleplay campaign for the entire server! It focuses on discovering and combating a rising darkness that threatens the Broken Isles. Events will have elements of combat, mystery, and investigation, blending classic horror with action adventure!

Events/sessions will be hosted every week on Thursdays at 5:00 PM WrA.

Additional Details

Overall Aesthetic

Ascension is hosted by two, experienced DMs: one of which hoards all Ravenloft merchandise ever made, and the other of which almost exclusively watches SCP-media for entertainment. Needless to say, it will have some dark and horror elements.

However, there is unlikely to be highly-graphic, explicit detail. Descriptions and content will generally be kept at a T-rating, sometimes venturing closer to M. We’re aiming for a scary adventure vibe that the general public can enjoy.

Combat System

This was originally inspired by the Year of the Scourge combat system, then the Helping Hands system was incorporated into the Year of the Scourge system.

Combat System

Shaha lor'ma! Thanks!

We hope you can make it! :D Please let us know if you have any questions!

Into the Spider’s Web…

A story told by several local hunters sent the Duskwatch Saberguard into the Crimson Thicket in the search for a ‘monster.’ What they found was even more disturbing: a fox, mutated beyond recognition, was prowling the undergrowth and a strange corruption was spreading above the old tunnels of the Arcway. This corruption seemed to be sapping the very life out of the plants and soil around the thicket and any attempts to tap into the leylines below it ended in sickness for the Duskwatch arcanists.

After capturing the sick fox in the Crimson Thicket, the Saberguard took the creature back to their headquarters at Meredil. They gathered with allies to study the fox and figure out what kind of corruption was spreading throughout the thicket. During the study, they found themselves weighed down by feelings and thoughts that were not their own.

Then came a vision:

The Arcan’dor standing tall within Shal’aran… suddenly corrupted and dying.

Fear like no other spurred the Duskwatch to reach out and to call for help at a Kirin Tor Conclave. They were desperate because while the allies were gathering, the darkness continued to spread…



Two Duskwatch guards went missing.

The only clue to their disappearance being their complaints of being filled with despair while on guard duty in Meredil. Their families in Suramar had not seen them, the Sanctum of Order had not had them check in, they had truly disappeared. After weeks of searching, tracks were finally found on the border of Val’sharah and Suramar.

The group mounted up and traveled to Val’sharah to find the missing guards. After finding cryptic journal entries that spoke of whispers and betrayals… they rode straight into an ambush!

Satyrs swarmed the group, their force led by one of the missing Duskwatch guards. Despite fighting bravely and fiercely, the Saberguard and their allies were forced to retreat back to Suramar.

It was then that they noticed a root…

A root that had not been there before.

Shaladrassil was growing and this new, corrupted root reached into Suramar and plunged into the earth above the northernmost tip of Falanaar. The Feathermane Hunting Grounds were in danger as corruption began to spread.

In an effort to save the wildlife in the area around the root, the group braved horrible whispers and visions to rescue sick and frightened owlcats.

Now very much aware that Suramar faced a large problem, the group agreed to meet the following night to begin laying out ideas on how to combat this growing corruption.


The group was assigned the task of tracking down a fruit courier that had not arrived at a vintner’s estate on time. The courier was carrying various fruits but most importantly, had a bag of arcfruit on him. Since arcfruit is the fruit of the Arcan’dor, the Duskwatch and the vintner wanted it found as quickly as possible.

Despite being irritated that their time was being wasted, the coalition traveled into Suramar City where the young nightborne had last been seen. It was there they discovered he had been met by someone and lured to a cave on the outskirts of the city.

As the coalition studied the cave and the strange clues outside of it, they began to hear noises like soft chittering sounds. Suddenly huge bulbuous forms crawled out and descended from the cliff above!

Fal’dorei attacked the group, spitting acid and droping some webbed members from the cliff above. It was a struggle but the coalition was able to defeat them and even took one prisoner for questioning.

As they were tending wounds, it was then they discovered that the courier’s entire shipment of arcfruit was missing. The Fal’dorei had taken it.


:leaves: :dragon_face: Dreamweaving :dragon_face: :leaves:
Index: The Dreaming Spider - Event 0
Location: Sundersong Glade, Val’sharah
Date: Thursday, April 14th

During her duties in Val’sharah, the Dreamweavers told Priestess Starbreeze that druids had travelled north to the small camp of Starsong Refuge and not returned. She notified Captain Al’shaanth and requested assistance. The Saberguard rallied in Meredil, tasked with aiding both Val’sharah and Highmountain. Dartonas Darkstryder and Unre Paleflame agreed to to accompany the priestess. The three travelled to Lightsong in Val’sharah, where they met Seldarine Stardragon, a fledgling druidess who agreed to escort them to Starsong.

Upon arriving in Starsong, Landrius Ravenfall - the resident hippogryph master - explained that several druids of all races and creeds had gone missing were on their way to Ashamane’s Fall. The only common factor was that they travelled alone.

Seldarine volunteered to be bait. The others kept their distance, and Seldarine proceeded alone. Not far up the path, the corruption gave way to healthy forest and a crying shal’dorei woman. She explained to Seldarine that her druid companion, Zeniki, had been taken by wild owlkin, and begged for help.

Seldarine agreed. She led the shal’dorei north into a glade nestled below the foothills of Highmountain. A cave opened in the southernmost pocket, and a large, green dragon slumbered in the center of the field. The shal’dorei hid behind the dragon while Seldarine approached the cavern mouth. Unre searched for magic, and found the area teething with the energies of the Void. However, before they could alert the group, Seldarine called into the cave.


Half a dozen owlkin rushed the druidess from the cave. Seldarine shifted into her bear form, but was quickly overcome by their numbers.

Lyastei, Dartonas, and Unre rushed to her aid, but voices crept into their minds. Lyastei collapsed to the ground. However, the swordsmen surged forward, carving up the crazed beasts. As the final creature fell, a single shout resounded throughout the grove:


The heroes turned to find a massive, black bat escaping from the grove. They ran back to the dragon, but the bat was gone, and the shal’dorei was missing as well. Seeking any clues, they further inspected the dragon, and found its sleep plagued with telltale signs of a nightmare.

They returned to the cave, and found streaks of dried blood leading to an owlkin effigy mounted into the back wall. Unre drew their blade and carve into the statue.

They screamed as the desiccated corpse of an owlkin collapsed from the effigy. When they looked up, they found themselves staring into a black abyss that ran deep into the mountain. Even more surprising, a single finger extended from the ground, like a weed pushing through concrete. They surmised that there must be a buried body, but the group was insufficient for further probing. With a final nod, the party resolved to return to their respective homes, and detail their findings at the next Council Glade.


Creeping Death

The Duskwatch Saberguard met in Meredil to discuss new intel brought in by several Shal’dorei scouts. They had heard rumors of strange occurrences in Highmountain and now members of the Wolfmane Tribe had been spotted traveling through Val’sharah on their way to the High Road.

Loviattar decided to meet the Wolfmane Tribe and assist them as they ventured into Highmountain. The Shal’dorei used a portal to Highmountain that they had set up several months ago when the Scourge attacked the Broken Isles.

They stepped into the shimmering magic…

… and quickly discovered that something was wrong with the portal!

The Shal’dorei exited the portal in various states of discomfort, illness and in some cases, completely unconscious and unresponsive. The portal appeared to be contaminated by void magics.

Members of the Wolfmane noticed the ailing Duskwatch and came over to greet them and lend their assistance. Together they were able to stabilize the magic and make it safe for the Shal’dorei’s return trip back to Meredil.

The two groups joined forces and continued together into Highmountain, checking homes and watchtowers as they passed them. Dead and mutated fish, missing villagers and a guardtower covered in blood met them as they went. Something was terribly wrong.

As night fell, they noticed a dark mist creeping across the valley. The group hastily made for a home to shelter in but as they arrived, they were attacked by a horrible, twisted amalgamation and several Drogbar that came in the shadowy mist.

It was during that battle that some members of the coalition saw disturbing visions:

A great and glowing tree now dead and withered.

The bones of a great dragon laid out in a dark cavern.

Thunder Totem and Suramar covered in darkness, the civilians twisted into horrible creatures of shadows and tentacles.


I had a lot of fun at this event! Its going to be a great campaign.


Once again Lyastei and Loviattar of the Duskwatch running an amazing campaign.!


We’re going to do our best! We hope you all like what we have planned!


Is this restricted to Horde or Alliance only? :open_mouth:

It’s cross faction!! Anyone can join c:

Could probably use some more alliance presence tbh he he

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This looks very cool! I might have an Alliance toon that’d be interested. She’s all about getting into the world and honing her healing skill. How long does a session usually last?

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The DMs probably have a better answer, but so far in my experience they seem to last for 3-5 hours!

We did run over a couple of times haha! We typically try to stay at the 3- 3.5 hour mark and then those that want to stick around and RP afterwards can (but at least this DM will disappear and head to bed). We’ve kinda gone over a couple of times this week. Oopsie. :innocent:

Oh! 3 - 3.5 hours is actually perfect. And it’s not an issue if it runs a bit over. Is there some sort of sign-up sheet somewhere or do we just show up?

Some more IC-related questions:

  1. These disturbances that are being investigated, I’m assuming news regarding them have travelled far and wide, and that could be the hook for my character to be get involved?

  2. How do you deal with the RL time lapse between events? Are characters ICly in that location for the whole duration in between events until a certain chapter is over or is time kind of abstracted or are characters free to depart and return for each event?

Thanks in advance for all the info! :smiley:

You just show up and we’ll throw you into the mix. Our first chapter is in Val’sharah so we’ll be meeting at the Temple of Elune tomorrow when we get started. The more the merrier!

To answer the questions:

  1. The situation and disturbances were openly discussed at a Kirin Tor Conclave and that information would have filtered back through official reports or word of mouth to various locations like Stormwind or Orgrimmar. At the time, however, it probably wasn’t deemed important and it was assumed the Duskwatch could handle it.

  2. When we do campaigns like this, we camp out and are considered at that spot during the story even if we’re logged out. However, we set up portals so that we can leave to do other things. Like we’re all going to be in Val’sharah for the next few weeks but we have an IC meeting on Friday in Desolace so it’s already been mentioned IC that we are setting up the portal to take us there when the time arrives.

Thanks for this! :smiley:

Sounds like leaving the camp via portal is available, but getting back to the camp location will require somewhat more mundane travel, unless they’ve set some kind of magical beacon at the campsite to allow for people to ‘portal’ back?

Yup! You gotta ICly find the camp on your own, but it’s none too hard to do! If you’re available tonight, we’ll be departing from Meredil to set up camp in Val’sharah! If you’re looking for an RP hook, one could have easily heard that the Duskwatch unit were operating out of Meredil.

Alas! I have dinner with the family tonight. But, no worries. It sounds like it’s pretty easy and plausible to get my character involved when I’m able to join the sessions! :slight_smile:

I do look forward to this! I run campaigns with my guild, but we have a completely different combat system. It’ll be interesting to try my had at this one. I read through the document and it looks pretty straightforward!

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Tonight at 5:00PM, we kick off the campaign proper with Event 1! Meet us at the Temple of Elune in Val’sharah! Message Lyastei-WyrmrestAccord (Alliance) or Loviattar-WyrmrestAccord (Horde) or search for Asc: Val’Sharah in the group finder for an invite! Seeya there!