Mythic Keystone LFG Suggestion

World of Warcraft Dev Team,

I’d like to suggest the addition of a way to search for specific keystone levels in the LFG tool. We can currently search by dungeon and difficulty, but then we have to scroll through the infinitely variable formatting that group leaders choose to post their keys, and it is often quite a mess. We can also search by ‘keyword’ but that rarely seems to work very well. Searching for ‘20’ often returns results for all sorts of non-20 keys.

How I envision this working would be to have a box to drop your key into, not that different from the way we insert keys into dungeons now, or the way items are added to the Auction House. Inserting that key in the LFG tool would automatically select the correct dungeon in the tool, and allow the keystone to be searchable by level. On the search end, entering a number into the existing text field would return results for only that level keystone. This would make finding the keystone level you’re looking for a much simpler and cleaner experience!

Unfortunately, the developers do not review the support forums for suggestions. You’d be better off posting this suggestion in the Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios forum.

It’s great that you’ve provided an example on how it should work, so this is a great suggestion! It’s just in the wrong place :slight_smile:


Sadly, wrong forum. Devs do not come to this forum for feedback.

However, I would post this same post in the bfa dungeons forum. It would get seen there.

Alternatively, you could use the in game suggestion as well from the help menu. But I believe that limits the number of words or characters.

Best of luck to you.

Edit. Man Terisenyou are fast haha.


I looked for a better place to post it, since the ‘Support’ avenue doesn’t direct you to a specific forum for feedback, and the last sticky post on this forum says “Players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, provide feedback and participate in on-going discussions on the Customer Support forum.” So I’m here with my feedback. :frowning:

I’ll post to those other forums as well though. Thank you.

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Oh no you were perfectly OK posting it here.

It just will not get seen by any powers that be.

This forum is like an player volunteered information desk. And we answer to an employed boss haha. We answer very common questions, or in this case direct the player to the proper location. In turn, the SFAs, blues that post here, make sure our information is accurate, and correct us when we are wrong. They often times jump into threads directly themselves as well to help.

Looks like you put some thought into your idea and post. None of us like to see that kind of effort for naught. Hence, pointing in the proper direction.

That was all, my friend.


The provide feedback part is mainly for support feedback, not game development/design feedback. The bulleted list right before your quote states what the CS forum is intended for:

Again, this is a great suggestion though! It just won’t be seen by those who make decisions regarding game development or design.

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Thanks! I posted over to the BFA Dungeon thread, so hopefully the right people see it!