My brain is painful - runes

(Meritha) #18

In a row. T does not count.

(Kalfou) #19

2 sets of 2 with one space in the center. Then drop a 5th in the center. Seriously, it’s ezpz


We got some real Bobby Fisher’s here huh!! :joy::rofl:

(Sharinah) #21

align 6…its easier to make happen

(Mysfyre) #22

Saw the thread title and now have to go rewatch Re:zero… thanks (not kidding) OP.

(Jolene) #23

I wish I had come across this quest instead of today’s Jumping Jellies. It makes the Tortos watergun game look easy. :roll_eyes: Like half the time the jelly propels you too far, the other half you fall way short. Sometimes, you’re right on top of one, but still miss. 15 minutes so far, and nobody here has completed it, lol.

(Kaivax) #24

We’re adjusting the “Runelocked Chest” World Quests with a hotfix that changes the requirement from matching colors in a row to completing a specified total number of matches.

I’m not sure how long this is going to take to change, but we’ll have it noted for you in our hotfixes list.

Runelocked chest wq is broken
8.2 continues to disappoint

I would suppose “thinking ahead” wouldn’t fit Blizzard vocabulary for broken quests.

(Daswings) #26

The candy crush mini game is not hard. Just try to only kill off the colors you don’t need to the best of your ability and usually the color you do need stacks up, it’s that easy.


I have a damn masters degree in nursing and cannot figure this puzzle out. Some people simply do not have puzzle solving skills. Im all for using my brain, but this goes beyond what the “average” person should be able to solve.


Can we please get a hotfix for the Jumping Jellies quest next? The distance traveled and amount of height gained by jumping on the first few jellyfish seems to be entirely random. Also collision on the jellyfish seems to be broken. Sometimes I just fall straight through.


Took me the better part of an hour. Untangling the ley lines took about 2 minutes.


The rune quest? Just keep matching 3 similar runes to knock them out then match the yellow when you see a potential row. Really not that bad once you do it a few times.


I don’t pay $15 a month to play candy crush. i can’t believe this is even in the game. Yes I do have a phone for that.


Do you not have a…oh.


Don’t fix it, weed folks out… Its not that hard, just takes some brain power and patience. If you lack either, your the problem.

(Ragingcoup) #35

I’m glad I got it done Pre-nerf, it’s a weird flex, but I’m proud anyways lol. The part that I think will actually mess people up most is that if people get into combat it drops them out of the puzzle which I can see people griefing with to slow people down. I’m surprised it isn’t like the turtles where everyone is safe and instanced away while they do it to prevent that.

That aside, those puzzles were enjoyable, but not as easy after a lot of beer consumption, stupid yellows kept falling out of the sky into my near horizontal lines until I gave up and said we’re going vertical so I only have to watch one row usually lol.


I find it alarming how many people refuse to put a tiny bit of thought into something. Strategy is not that hard. Do they put as little effort into other areas of their lives? How is that working out?

(Revolutîon) #37

Its not challenging, it’s annoying. Theres a difference. Thank god its being changed.

(Piddy) #38

I guess you’ve not been to Blades Edge, or heard of the Kirin Tor and their shenanigans.