MW monk in shadowlands

I’ve read this and really enjoyed the post as it flushed good points of view on MW monks in general right now. Seeing how I don’t have access to the shadowlands beta, I really hope the devs see this post as it addresses many of the things I feel about MW monks. but what do other MW monks think about this post? And what do you guys want to see for MW’s


Basically spot on

Just get rid of the atrocity that is the 7.0 rework and never look back. It’s been awful to play since day 1 way back in Legion alpha.


Yeah, I love how MW introduced the damage to heal concept, and now we’re not filling that niche anymore.

Then they give holy power back to hpal, we still don’t have chi.

We have low dps as a “fighter” healer.

Then, they are like how should we design demon hunters? And Dave is like “bro think WW but better”.

WW/MW is great in pvp but man do they get dumped on a lot in PvE. At least BrM sees action on mythic prog.


I really believe that the return of the two stances that would allow you to either do the proper Original fistweaving compared to what we have now would be amazing and keeping the healing separate in the other stance. Chi sounds nice and i think it could be nice but i would have to test it compared to live to see if it was really a good change.

Either way giving us some abilities back is amazing either way but i really want stances back

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Why they ever went away from MoP Mistweaving is beyond me. I’d really like the unpruning to bring it back.


It’s actually because MoP mistweaving was exactly the kind of ‘high instant healing’ that Blizzard specifically targeted moving to WoD. They had disliked the design elements of working around the healing meta at the time, which basically forced high constant damage for most fights.

What I would like to see would be ReM having it’s recharge reduced by haste. This would make increasing haste over the course of the expansion directly lower the ramp time of RM and increase the amount of time above 5 stacks while keeping the maximum number low.

Have they not essentially brought back the high instant healing with glimmer paladins though?

Yes. Blizzard has gone back to everything they stated was the main reason they reworked MW in the first place.

Here is Blizzard’s original explanation for the change:

Notice the last sentence: “rather than having to set up an excessive amount of other abilities first”

All healers currently have to setup in some form to get the most out of their kit:

  • Druids need to pre-hot to get the most out of their Mastery
  • Shamans need to setup Riptide/Healing Rain to get use out of Deluge if talented, they need to plan their healing ahead of time to get the most out of Cloudburst totem
  • Discipline Priests have insane setup, way more than we did in WoD
  • Paladins need to set up Glimmers to get the most out of that build, furthermore into Shadowlands they will have to build Holy Power to cast heals, no different than building Chi
  • Mistweavers have to set up with ReM and Essence Font beforehand to get the most out of Vivify healing

Holy Priests are the only healer that doesn’t have to do specific setups, they can freely cast heals without gimping themselves by not setting up their kit beforehand.

I have no idea why they would rework MW away from their MoP/WoD style only to immediately rework Discipline and Paladins into the exact same playstyle they stated was antithesis to their healer design.


Kind of but to a much lesser degree.
Glimmerdin doesn’t quite do the same levels of constant aoe healing that MoP had, though it is probably the closest to that time in terms of design.

These are the changes I’d like to see for Mistweaver in Shadowlands:

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Way of the crane(chiji) being on the same talent row as rjw and statue feels so bad. One of the three of those talents should be baseline, if not for the sake of saving a whole playstyle, for the class fantasy. And if they insist on yu’lon even being a spell, sure, whatever. Disrespecting Crane, by giving it the avenging wrath/crusader treatment, again, feels bad. I get not wanting to force players who don’t want to be melee to do so, but yu’lon even in its previous iteration wasn’t a fun, engaging, or even decent option. Crane being a 2 minute cd is also a huge rising sun kick to the chi-orbs.
Rising mist got a little love, and tbh i don’t care for the playstyle, but its pretty much gonna be on the back burner until the last raid patch again? How is that fun?
Make crane 1 min, swap it with focused thunder.
That helps rising mist, and doesn’t completely destroy one of the coolest cds in the game.

It makes sense that statue and crane compete in the talent tree since if you are taking crane you won’t be casting soothing… Rushing Jade wind however is a class of its own with no distinct playstyle and doesn’t fit.

This made me lol.


Holy power for Hpal is awful. There was a reason it was removed.

I know they don’t want fistweaving to be a 100% uptime stance, but I would prefer it to be more consistent than a 2 min steroid. Something like:

5% Mana | Melee Range
Instant | 45 sec recharge
Boop the target with a chi infused strike, dealing 7,200 damage and healing allies within 8 yd for 2600. For the next 5 seconds damage you deal fires a healing bolt at up to 3 injured allies within 40 yd, healing them for 150% of the damage dealt.

Casting Blackout Kick lowers the cooldown by 2 sec, Rising Sun Kick by 4 sec and Spinning Crane Kick by 1 sec.

Max 2 charges

With this it’s not just a buff, but another attack to throw into the mix that feels a bit more combo-y. And good for dipping in and out more often. Roll in, boop, fistweave heal a smidge, roll/trasnference out and continue normal healing, repeat. Or boop, fistweave for a little, then just free dps if possible to lower cooldown for a little more fistweave uptime + some rising mist.

Gives some skill ceiling to it as well by setting up a 4x blackout/rising sun kick burst in that small window which could feel good.


Please please let me fistweave as much as I want again. It was such a fun play style and so unique.

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That may be true, but it was also a different game back then.

Not sure it would work well in today’s “puddle dance” instance design these days. Paladins can stack on the tank and do their thing while somewhat soaking mechanics because of their defensives and plate armor. We have to completely run away and dodge which is not conducive to kicking and punching.

What mechanics do you have as a specific example that Holy Paladins help soak that Mistweavers cannot?

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My biggest gripe, is the changes that came with BfA from Legion. I loved Legion healing.
But Vivify not being an AoE heal, unless the people have a HoT on them? Complete pain in the butt.

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