Multiboxing - NEW TOS

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They are trying to stop botters and automated play by their own words…I dont need to use anything but in game macros to box…sorry.

How very fascist of you. No thanks, I’ll decide how I spend my money.

Good on you for not using hardware. That’s the step they need to take.

I do wish this were a general attitude.
I get spat on and called a cheater because I dual-box.
Except I use two keyboards, two trackballs (I don’t use a mouse at my computer, haven’t in over 20 years), two computers, two screens.
If I press a key on one computer, that one WoW account does something. I have to actively press a key on the other computer for the 2nd account to move/cast/do anything.

And yet, I’m still a “cheater” according to some people. And some people in this thread as well.

I have to say I don’t condone using mirroring software to run multiple instances of the game. I also believe that pressing one key to have multiple toons do something is “wrong”.

Except that’s not what I do. I press one key per action, one key per account.

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two times this has happened. first? boxers are ruining bgs pls ban!!! ended in them removing /follow from bgs. boxing was fine. then this, which they said boxing is fine and they were coming after bots and that boxing is fine and hardware boxing is legit. where in this have they EVER even HINTED they didn’t want people boxing? literally they say it’s fine. blizz doesn’t care as long as they’re doing it in a way that won’t trigger warden. that’s why hardware is fine. like… duh?

funny because bots are taking over now, they dont need broadcast software to run, multiboxers use broadcast software to control multiple accounts, now is harder to do it, but didnt do any to bots.

Dont need to use hardware or anything outside the game.
I ran four accounts quite easily with one PC, one mouse, one keyboard and two 27 inch monitors and a /follow macro.

You know there is an addon to autofollow right?

You can literally bot the same way as the broadcast software with hardware. What are you not understanding? Sure, the goal is to take down botters not regular “boxers” but this is just a … minor setback to that.

And right there you see one of the main reasons I personally consider mboxing to be unfair. You can do that. I cannot. If I want to run a dungeon at level, I need 4 other players. And I receive only 1/5th of the benefit that you do. Please don’t tell me that a mboxer doing this is not achieving a more effective result for levelling characters, gaining gold, gaining mats and items, than I do. You may see it as a challenge. I would suggest there are plenty of other ways this game offers challenges. Playing a single toon is a challenge if you pick ways to do that. Perhaps you might want to try doing that instead.

Here’s the things - Blizzard have not banned mboxing. You can still do that if you use the methods you have mentioned. Doing that will not currently be in violation of their rules unless you bot (which you have said you do not). So if the purpose of your post is to complain about the rule change, I can’t sympathise with you. If it’s about something else - for example, showing ways to get around it, that’s fine. If enough people use methods to get around it and that proves to be an ongoing problem, what you will end up with is a total ban of mboxing. So in the end doing those things may not be such a good idea.

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Eh, I’m not sure you can still do it on that level.

Maybe about half of what people were doing before at best.

i mean, goats gobble up things too. quite efficiently

Any business model where you turn away oaying customers is bound to fail.

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Sorry the cheating is over. I think Blizz should have made this change before they put the new expansion up for preorders though, they didn’t just make this decision, they knew they were going to do it and they wanted to to have as many multiboxers purchase it before they dropped the bomb as possible.

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As someone who has enjoyed multiboxing in this game and others, people need to accept this decision. Multiboxing was never supported, I always knew that at any moment they would start enforcing this.

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I am very glad this is happening .

yes, it has never and will never be directly supported. however, it’s still NOT against the rules. only software is. literally every other way to box is fine though.

Too bad you are wrong huh?

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