Multiboxing - NEW TOS

So, in some unfound wisdom, Activision Blizzard Inc. has decided that key broadcasting i.e. multi-boxing using software to run multiple accounts is now going to be against the TOS.

Yes, I am a multi-boxer. I received the 5 emails that I am now violating the TOS because of unfair play. I run 5 accounts for PVE and instance running only. I do not multi-box PVP. I pay for 5 subscriptions, I just paid for 5 epic editions of the software which I paid $79.99 each. I also pay monthly for the 5 accounts. I have been paying monthly for the past 15 years.

I don’t fight you in-game, I have to collect 5 times the items you have to collect for quests and often many more kills for stupid drops that require a number of mobs before the quest item drops, I have to kill many many more items than you did. I chose to play this way because the game is more fun trying to solve the problems with a team.

Do I bot? No. Do I sell gold? No. Do I flood the auction house with items? No. I play the game and try to solve the problems of the game with a team of 5. I try to run instances as the healer tank and DPS. I have to deal with the phasing of many areas of the game, I have to deal with people calling me a botter all the time. I have to deal with comments that I can’t just pick a toon and play the game. It’s my money, the monthly fee x 5 is more than you will ever pay Activision Blizzard per month. I spent almost $400 on this upgrade, to play the game the way I choose to play. Now, after payment, I can’t play the way I have played for many years.

I am not winning. Haters gonna hate as TS says. So, the shift is now going to be hardware. Here is how I do it now, and how it will be done in the future:

  1. Now
    Software that only broadcasts the keys I press. I do not use Isboxer as that also broadcasts the mouse, which I feel is too close to botting. I use older software that is very basic, one key at a time.
    I spend many hours writing and modifying macros, in-game, so when I press “9” it does different things per toon. Follow, mount, shoot etc. That is how it is done here.
    When I die, I quickly have to reassign a leader to have them be the one that is targeting (again) fully within the guidelines of 1 press per window per key.

I do not use macro keyboards like the G5. I do not use bots of any kind to automate anything. I press a button (usually 1-0) and then with macros, play the game.

  1. The future:
    As I read in the forums, I will also develop a HARDWARE solution.
    Option 1:
    I will run 5 VMs (virtual machines) that send 1 keypress per VM. As this is a windows level entry, there is no broadcast software. No software that warden will detect as it is at the OS level. Keypresses will be outside of searchable memory for Activision Blizzard inc.
    Option 2:
    I will use a USB device that has 1 input and 5 outputs (identical outputs) and run WOW on 5 separate computers and monitors, thus not violating the TOS. The toons would still be teamed together, they would still have in-game macros and I will still do the same thing I have done as before. I will still multi-box. I have enough computers and monitors here to accomplish this now. But, why? because hardware, not software, is ok?
    Option 3:
    There is an addon that will allow accounts to do tasks based on what is entered in chat. That does not include any broadcast software and is doing everything according to the TOS. But, still, people will complain that a team is working together in Azeroth.

Is the real problem that I pay 5 times more than a single user and it makes people upset that I spend my hard-earned money on this game? Ban the token and game time system for multi-boxers… That would increase revenue.

If the broadcast software is the issue, Hardware or in-game addons will solve that issue. Which IMHO is STUPID. If what I do is so bad, ban me completely and refund my money for this expansion.
Blizzard - $~15 a month x 5 = $~75.00 - I think I pay for the privilege to use the 5 accounts. How does it make financial sense to say I can only play 1 and you get $15 instead of $75? And when the expansion upgrade happens, I pay $ ~400 instead of ~$80??

Flame on,


The problem is while you dont, its VERY easy for people to do these things and much worse with multiboxing.


Unfortunately, in order to get rid of the bad actors, people like you are collateral damage. Besides, spending that much money in a game is…a bit much. If I was big brother govt I would put a limit on how much you can spend on a game…


glad they’re finally doing this… Multi-boxing BYE BYE! You won’t be missec!


I’m just curious what the point of this thread was lol


Multiboxing isn’t going anywhere


You’re going to receive very little sympathy from people Op.


Your not going to get alot of support because most of us are happy with this change. Doesn’t matter what your doing its cheating to press 1 key and control multiple toons.


This is where i stopped reading.


how do you multibox more than 2 accounts without streaming keys?

are you telling me the guy with 10 toons perfectly synchronized is actually a 10-arms squid? :wink:

its kinda wierd. straight up allow it or straight up make it illegal - this inbetween stance is weirdChamp

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Why in the world would you willingly post how you intend on skirting the rules?

Also, I foresee Blizz adding some additional functionality into Warden at some point that goes beyond memory-scanning. Blizz can just as easily give it functionality to request the actions of all toons associated with an account (server-side API) and to check for synchronous actions. I really hope they go down this path.


Several people are typing…


I can’t tell if it is a troll thread or just a whining thread

You guys exhaust me so much


Buy multiple sub 200 dollar computers and connect them all to a multiplexer/km/kvm and your keystrokes/mouse clicks all go to all the computers at once

It’s not skirting the rules, hardware multiboxing was what people did before software. The policy change was for software not hardware so people are going back to hardware.


If you’re willing to sink a bit of money into it, one way is to get a different computer for each account. Only your primary machine needs to be good; you the rest just need to run minimum settings without lag.

Then, get a wireless mouse/keyboard combination and a dongle for each machine. Sync all of the dongles to the keyboard/mouse. That’s still allowed since it’s hardware replication.


Pictures taken moments before disaster:

I support no flying
I only want pvp
Remove lfr


I don’t understand, people can google these things. They can know how everything works without having to make assumptions. :sob:


He’s essentially saying he’s going to configure his setup to send 1 keypress to each VM, but only a singular physical keypress will be used to propogate that 1 keypress to each VM - that’s how I read it at least. I can’t think of any other reason to run all of these in separate VMs.


so you think its fair game if its done on the hardware side ?

man yall are weird.


Considering Blizz’s latest ban is explicitly software, yes.


“no other restrictions have been announced regarding hardware.”