Multiboxing - NEW TOS

People are accepting this and finding ways to do it differently.

However, this was a hammer where a scalpel would have worked better.

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At the moment. As I’ve said before - if enough people use alternate methods and the problem with mboxing persists, Blizzard are likely to end up just flat banning multiboxing in its games. They’ve shown in the past that if certain steps have not worked, they are prepared to go further. So ultimately finding ways around the ban as it is, while it seems fine now, may not be good for the future.

People like to be armchair lawyers when interpreting things like tos. In legal interpretations there is something called the spirit of the law. That usually refers to what the law is suppose to do and why it was put in place more so than how it’s worded.

There is a saying

Suck it up buttercup

have you actually read the page about the change? it states boxing is fine. and that only software is banned. and that was to combat bots. it also said using hardware is fine. “spirit of the law” my behind. blizz wrote out exactly what they meant to say. read it yourself.

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The only way to effectively multi-box is with broadcasting software. If you use 3rd party software to control more then one account at once you WILL be punished.

That’s not true at all.

I’d buy that.

Multiboxers really need to lie low and not go crazy like they have been in the past.

20 to 30 characters was just a gigantic beacon screaming “LOOKY HERE, LOOK AT MEEEEEE!”

5 is fine, anything more than that is suspect IN MY OPINION.

Well, they wouldn’t be the first. Bethesda (for all its money grabbing philosophy) decided to outright ban mboxing in Elder Scrolls Online. No if’s or but’s or exceptions, just “you cannot do it, if you do your account/s may get deleted”. They don’t muck around.

100% not true.

It depends on what LEVEL you want to attempt multiboxing.

30 characters? You’re probably right.

Up to 5 or maybe 10? Completely doable without that software.

People were doing lower levels LONG before ISBoxer or anything like it was a thing.

It is true, unless you’re implying you’re going to buy multiple computers with multiple mice and keyboards and then SOMEHOW control each account without the use of software.

You’re certainly trolling.

There’s other ways, but the part where they are wrong is when it comes to Blizzard not actioning them for doing it.

Best case scenario, they expand the ToS and action it later, most likely scenario, they ban you anyway without an edit.

if what you’re saying is true… you think blizz is playing a cat and mouse game with boxers. this is okay… but NOT THAT. and OMG you did a naughty thing now i’ll BAN you muahaha. if they were trying to go after boxing they’d ban it. but they don’t. because they don’t care. if they did care. it would be banned. period.

I am

Only one mouse, one keyboard :slight_smile:


Again, how are you defining trolling?

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I understand you don’t understand how alt-tabbing works. But seriously, it makes you sound extremely unsophisticated not knowing that the game’s windows can be resized or that people use multiple monitors.

Blizzard should just add a “multiboxing server”. A server where you can legally multibox but any other server would not be allowed. If multiboxers want to players, sure but do it where most of us wont be affected. Sounds like the perfect compromise.

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That was already mentioned in this thread and shot down because they only like playing in a community they have an advantage over.

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People like you prevent people like me from being able to make gold. You tank prices in the AH with your selling power making it impossible for someone like me to enjoy the game without buying gold with tokens.

You cause inflation.
You use pay-to-win mechanics to get an unfair advantage.

You are a massive problem.

You should have been banned a long time ago. Multiboxing should never have been allowed to go on for this long.


There are many ways to create and run VMs. Paid options like VMWare Workstation, Free options like Virtual Box, or Linux options, which include both the preceding, and KVM based solutions. I’ve run VMs for many years using all of the methods I’ve mentioned and others as well.

I’m still multi-boxing 2 accounts, was boxing three but decided to drop one account. If it becomes irritating doing the way I’m doing it now I may try VMs. It will depend on how much I play. Right now I’m only playing a few hours a week.

P.S. And except for the KVM based soutions the others are available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

A goat it is, let us munch on things.