Multiboxing and the new instance cap

I am a multiboxer. How does this new change affect instances for me? I have all of my accounts on the same account. Will it count as 5 instances when I run one dungeon? This seems like a huge impact for people like me.

When i enter a dungeon will that apply 5 instances to my account? In which case I can only run 6 dungeons a day?

it works like you’re assuming, it’s a huge multiboxer nerf

blame all the other multiboxers who felt the need to script/bot on top of the advantages already gained though boxing

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Thats insane… so I am punished for my accounts being linked? Otherwise I may as well cancel all of my extra subs. If I didnt have them linked I could do 30 a day which is more than enough. 6 instances a day… I can do 6 stockade runs in an hour and 5 minutes.

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just use retail tokens to open a bunch of new accounts to get around it, i mean who doesnt still have WoD/legion mission table gold still laying around

But i have all of my characters level 60… So now I can only farm SGC for 6 instances in one day? Thats INSANE. Literally I would hit instance cap and have to quit. All the work I put into being able to do things alone would be lost just because I linked my accounts…

yeah i do feel bad for people who just got their whole multibox gold farm setup

looks like you missed the boat in a way, because everyone who was already doing it was doing so very excessively

sorry man

30 instances is fine. However with my accounts linked that would be barely over an hour of instances a day that I can do. Will we be allowed to unlink our account so we arent being punished for having everything under one Bnet.

You haven’t been hitting cap before the change, so i don’t believe it will change anything for you.

I mean, after you do one run you aren’t locked right?

I’m testing it now. I entered stockades with my 5 man team 5x’s and reset it. So that should be a total of 25 instances on my So in an hour I will find out if I hit the CD for the day at 30. If so I may as well cancel all my accounts.

Please let me know. I dualbox DM:E farm with a Warrior/Shaman, but my Shaman is logged with buffs so I cannot test it.

The hourly instance cap has always been per WoW account, not per Battlenet account. This should be no different.


I’ll let you know in 37 minutes Viven. Stay posted

It does seem to work that way and it’s a great change.

This is a 30 cap per day per account, and raid locks you if you exceed. Yes, there is a difference lol. Plz read

Ok. It’s per account thank god. I’m okay with it!


It would be incredibly stupid if it were not.

People are losing their minds over this crap and there’s some misinformation being circulated.

It’s a great /popcorn moment, though. :joy:

That’s good news!

Yeah, I think this 30 instance IDs within 24 hours thing isn’t something that most of us will hit very often, but I can see how it would be very easy to hit in some situations, like farming Jed IDs, for example.

In any case, I hope that this change has some sort of positive effects, because I sure see a lot of negative side-effects. It’s precisely the type of thing that I would say is

as, my opinion on what the spirit of Classic is is something akin to a Long Term Stable release, where we can spend time learning a particular farming strat, and not have that taken away.

I think a lot of the, “OK. I’m unsubbing” people are maybe in the same boat. If this isn’t a stable version of the game that we can play in an unchanged and unchanging way for years to come, then let us know when it is…

Just to confirm-

The 30 instances is per WoW account, not account, correct? I multibox 5 accounts as well.

Thanks for testing, by the way.

This is correct. The lock is per WoW account not account.