30 instance per BATTLENET account

if you have 2 accounts on the same battle net account, now you can only run 15 instance per day, does anyone know how to remove accounts from single battle net?

you could make another account on a separate battle.net account to give blizzard more money instead
perhaps thats part of their design intention

oh yea i really wanna level my character again

is that confirmed?

Pretty sure it is per-wow account right? (thats how it is for the 5 hourly cap anyways). Ive been checking multibox forums and nothing indicates it is per bnet account so far.

The daily limit is the same style as the hourly limit. It’s per WoW account, not per battlenet account.


Perfect, thanks Ryanone!

I also have two WoW accounts under one Battle.net account. I keep hearing conflicting stuff on here. So it would be nice to know for sure.

To the people responding, has this been tested? I haven’t gone into enough PVE instances to see.

Source please?

Its also only per realm btw. If you run on multiple servers you are fine… just like the botters.

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There was a separate thread last night with a multiboxer who tested it on 5 WoW accounts under the same Battlenet account.

Hey there thanks for the link. Based on my testing, I think it is not per Bnet account, but we need clarification for sure.

All in all, this change is poor, and seemingly designed to boost revenue for Blizzard at the expense of normal players.

It’s not how it’s supposed to work. It’s not supposed to be account-wide. Only Server-Wide:

Fake news.

Then Report it, for it not working right.