30 Runs is

Guys, this is an insane amount per day.

If you’re doing more than 30 runs PER REALM, then you seriously need another hobby. Go outside.

I’m actually upset 30 is too high - jump runs/farm/boosting is AGAINST the spirit of Classic as it definitely wasn’t nearly as mainstream back then. It hurts the community WAY more than it helps it. The argument that there’s more alts and more 60’s is not valid as it makes the world completely empty.

Some of the most amazing parts of this game is the leveling experience 1-59 that captivates all new players and is what made us fall in love with the game. Not this bloodthirsty craze to min/max everything and spend the least amount of effort to maximize rewards. You nerds don’t realize this.


You’re missing the whole point.

30 runs per realm does not impact botters.

It punishes hardcore/semi hardcore players and still does not fix the botting issue. Botting accounts will wither sub a second account or just server cycle every 6-7 hours.


Ur just mad that u can’t farm them on your warrior!!!


jump runs/farm/boosting is AGAINST the spirit of Classic as it definitely wasn’t nearly as mainstream back then.

Anyone who unironically says this just deserves to be ignored.


This is speculation. It’d be nice if Blizzard would provide metrics.

You play the way you want to play and let others do the same. Who are you to pass judgement on someone who does run 30 instances a day?

Get a hobby you say, what if gaming is someones hobby?

And Jump runs, farming and boosting are all done within the confines of the games rules.

Also, what spirit of the game? Who’s definition of “The spirit of the game” are you referring to? The game is to each person what they want it to be, there is no one “right” way to play nor is there a unified “Spirit” the game has. The game is to you what you want it to be and each player is free to play as they see fit within the confines of the rules.


Can you explain how you believe this change is going to put a stop to the botting problem?

Because it seems like you care less about the bot problem, and more about punishing players who enjoy min-maxxing in a manner you personally don’t enjoy.


Actually warriors can clear SM lib in a few minutes with decent gear, as well as SFK and some other dungeons. There’s a few on my horde server who sell boosts for the same price as mages. They just can’t do harder dungeons due to their class limits, but they can still sell boosts. Just like shamans can, druids can, etc.



  1. Botters hit 30 cap and switch realms to continue botting
  2. Botters steal or buy more accounts to make up for less botting, and do more botting
  3. Oh wait… I guess that didn’t fix anything.
  4. Profit?

I think a lot of people’s main concern about this is that it will hurt normal players more than the bots it’s intended to hurt.


Exactly the point Thorvald.

so what is the exact breaking point? (there isn’t one)
No matter how much you play or don’t there are going to be people that think you play too much or people who think you play too little, everyone has a different definition of what is too much or too little.
Try being able to see another person’s point of view, they don’t want you telling them how they can/can’t play the game, just like you wouldn’t appreciate them putting a minimum cap on # of dungeons you must do per day to retain your 60.


Farms are NOT against the spirit of classic. Don’t impose your self-centered view of the world on other players. I farmed instances in Vanilla WoW and I do it in Classic. 30 instances is NOT a lot of game time if you are farming them. This ruins the game.


Yeah. Because being forced to make a mage for aoe farming is great game design.

Can farm dme as a priest btw

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Paywall to entry is raised. Although I agree they need to just hire more customer support and have better systems for handling this.

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Degenerate aoe farming impacts everyone. Mage gold inflation is ruining the economy


Well I have 5 chars, 4 chars I’m leveling in open world and questing
And I’m having ALOT of fun power leveling solo instances at this mage!
It’s is true that I will not hit the cap every day, but weekends I will easly hit the cap!
The point is, they are not fixing the real problem and just punishing some players

They said exploitive and automated. So theyre not targetting only botters here.

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No one cares about your perception of how people spend their time. Dumb change is dumb and does nothing to address the problem its suppose to be addressing.