Multi-boxing is Botting, Change My Mind

" Offer some proof of your claim, otherwise, it’s just meaningless lies ."

lol do you understand how a computer works? The information for each account to do any action comes from somewhere. In this case you press a button and 3rd party SOFTWARE relays those commands to each account. You think multiboxing is where each other account knows what to do by magic? NOPE, 3rd party software that automates/mirrors your actions. WITHOUT that software the most a multiboxer can do is put every account other than the main on follow.

Yes. I happen to have a Master’s of Software Engineering, and well over a decade of experience in the field.

What precisely is your claim?

I don’t care about legitimate players that multi box. Problem is, GOLD FARMERS are multi boxing to boost their gold farming mages. They’re everywhere with names like “adfadf” “qerui” etc etc. Blizz needs to address this issue before botting gets out of hand AGAIN.

What precisely is the problem? How could anyone verify it for themselves, and why does anybody care?

Yes, yes… bots are bad. That’s not what you’re claiming, nor what I’m asking.

Duplication is not automation.

Even though it has been mentioned multiple times, let me say that my opinion does not matter. YOUR opinion does not matter. Blizzard says multiboxing is permitted and quite simply, that is the end of it.

So does the keyboard control your toon or do you. How about macros? That has ine keystoke do multiply actions. Botting is a sotware that actually plays the game which some addons have been broken for doing. Multiboxing isnt easy and only bad when that 5 mage aoe takes wbs.

Multi boxers are scum.

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I agree, multibox is for cheating n00bs, but Blactivision doesn’t care or make any sense, See below.

Incorrect = Automates your actions
Correct = mirrors your actions

So you admit it, they are the players action, which makes multiboxing OK.

Also, you don’t need software, you can plug a wireless keyboard/mouse to 5 different PC and now you’re multiboxing. Same with a KVM Switch.

That’s why Blizzard don’t bother with Multiboxing software.

Multiboxing is OK as long as all you’re doing is broadcasting your keyboard.

You want to talk about automation? Check out all the wow addons that AUTOMATICALLY do things for you.

Mail addons, Auction house addon, UI Timer addons, Automatic Warnings on boss events, automatic action button appearing on your screen. weak aura has a lot of automation and scripts built-in so you don’t have to think. Chat automation and spam blockers.

Thank you. A human cannot actually play more than 1 character simultaneously.

Die mad about it. Thank you.

Nope. Turns out you’re wrong.

For every Multiboxing thread complaints, I sub 1 extra account.

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Automation (Botting)


Replication (Multi-boxing)

This is at least Blizzard’s explanation for it.