Multi-boxing is Botting, Change My Mind

Not sure I agree but setting a limit of 2 accounts active at a time on a computer would help server congestion.

Multi-boxing isn’t botting, but it might as well be since only one character is actually being controlled.

Botting is damaging to the game as a whole. Multiboxing is annoying to you personally.

Maybe you should try mulitboxing? It is allowed by the terms of service; so long as you don’t automate anything. :slight_smile:

It’s not botting, but it doesn’t matter. They are BOTH cheating/exploiting, and also P2W.

It’s hypocritical to care about botting, but not multiboxing. “This cheating is not ok… but that cheating is ok.”

Oh Drain. You really should open up a dictionary and learn what words mean.

There is no exploiting or cheating going on when one multiboxes. We’ve been over this. Dozens of times. And you still keep blindly charging into that wall.

Multiboxing software does indeed use some automation. But then, so do MANY MANY addons. There are weak auras to automatically need coins in ZG. TSM can automate many aspects of the AH process. I have an addon that automatically mails certain items to certain characters when I open the mailbox.

Point is, automation already exists and Blizzard hasn’t been very vocal about where the line between acceptable and unacceptable automation lies

I cant run 31 instances because its exploitive or unhealthy or something. But a multiboxer can run 30x the number of accounts they own. Thats way more than 30 for one person. Seems unhealthy or exploitative or…something.


Perhaps you should take your own advice because you are the one still confused despite the previous threads and somehow not realizing that dictionary definitions support my side. I (not we) have been over it numerous times, but if it’s always a problem, then someone always has to carry the torch. While I’ve hung that up myself, others will still have my support (call it wall bashing if you prefer).

Now it’s time for you to take your hard earned place on my trash list, since this isn’t the first time you’ve sent worthless drivel my way. Hopefully though, it will be the last. Good riddance.

Okay. So is owning multiple accounts exploitative or playing them at the same time is what bugs you? If they swapped screens and then played the other account, that’s still another 30x more instances because it’s a separate account. This has been mentioned already: owning multiple accounts isn’t exploitative, unless you believe someone with more money is exploiting life or something.

It’s 30-instances per day/realm/account.

1 key press = 1 action on 1 character.

Anything that duplicates key presses or automates any aspect of gameplay should be bannable.

You wanna multi-box 10 characters? Get 10 keyboards and go to town. You might need to grow a few extra arms first.

99% Muti-boxers are botting, 1% is just for fun.
I have a guildie play 3 accounts for summoning service (not botting).
That’s the only muti-boxer in my guild (3 - 40man raid).

You know what they say about people who assume.

Multiboxing is not botting.
I will agree that there are some Bots who do multibox tho, mostly in Stratholme.

Nope. Anything else?

Nah, get over it.

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I do not agree that it is botting, but it is automation. Which is not allowed… yet Blizzard allows multiboxing. Multiboxing doesn’t do any good for the integrity and health of a realm. It allows one person to do something at a fraction of the effort that a normal player would have to put forth, and artificially inflates the economy with the multiplicative gold earned and trash sold. I originally wouldn’t have put that last point forward, but with the sheer number of multiboxers and the scale of their rigs, it is actually a problem now.

Duplication is not automation.

Why would botter multibox? They can just bot all instances seperately, you don’t need a multiboxing software to bot many account.

Multiboxing isn’t botting, all the software does is take your keyboard as input, assign 5 virtual keyboard to 1 wow client that is launched with a special name (like wow1 so it knows which virtual keyboard to use for that window). and outputs your keyboard to all 5 clients at once.

Meaning if you don’t touch your keyboard nothing happens. 1 keypress = 1 action. (each client see 1 keyboard) So you’re just cloning your keyboard as if you were typing in 5 word documents at once. But you can only write the same things in all 5, if you don’t type anything, nothing gets written down.

A bot on the other hand, requires no input. It just writes in the document as it was programmed to do. You can leave your PC and go for a walk, and the bot will work for you. with no assistance.

Multiboxing is just a player cloning himself and his actions. And that is allowed as per Blizzard. There is no automation. There are no action which aren’t linked to a keypress.

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Multiboxing is botting. If you are running software to mirror actions across multiple accounts that’s botting. Botting is using software to automate a process. Without using software a multiboxer could only put everyone on follow or run from keyboard to keyboard. WITH SOFTWARE a multiboxer is able to automate every process on every account except the “main” account. If you ran into the same situation in an FPS they’d be banned immediately. Without the software multiboxing is fine. WITH software to mirror actions multiboxing is an extreme advantage. So not only is it an acceptable (by blizz) botting system, It’s pay to win.

1 keypress = 1 action. <—100% incorrect.
1 keypress = 1 action TIMES the number of accounts being multiboxed.

10 accounts. 1 keypress = 10 actions.

Automating the process is botting. You can try to argue it any way you want but everyone knows it’s legal cheating. It doesn’t add anything good to the game and only works to hurt it. It ruins the integrity and tanks the economy. But yeah let’s keep defending blizz allowing this while they ban fishing bots…

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Offer some proof of your claim, otherwise, it’s just meaningless lies .