Mount doesnt say any difficulty any more

You really can’t afk to be honest and I do lfr - Heroic.

If mechanics are not done bosses will not go down even with 10 stacks of determination .

LfR N’zoth proved that

Yes, that’s quite literally what owning a mistake is. Hey x, I did this when I should’ve done this, I’m sorry.

You know repeating a lie over and over does not make it true.


No but you used it as a reason to say to.

Can you quote to posts you are refering to?


Yes. Please quote where I attacked Riptoad for offering to help me. This specifically since you accused me of it 3 or 4 times.


And durumu, and nazgrim, and this and that sure. But if I can beat half the dps with a 220 ilvl soulbind-less rogue, I’ll just assume people are afk or being purposefully inattentive.

What’s funny is I can’t even think of an instance where I’ve ever seen you personally attack someone on here.


Without a soulbind huh .

I’m calling B.S.

Well there was that one time with a trans user…
If you get it you get it

Ah I must’ve missed this :confused:

Believe what you will. I don’t log. I had just switched from venthyr to kyrian and forgot to do quest to unlock soulbinds.

That is really the skummy part here. We had MONTHS where this was a topic of discussion and Blizzard was silent. Hell, as much as I dont like conspiracies, cant help but think they didnt want to reveal this change until the last moment just to pump up sub reports.


He offer to take people on his runs

then tovi just rather argue

ROFL good job.

I’m fairly active on forums and before it blew up after Kaivax post, I didn’t even know the cat was a thing. So yeah, there’s that.

Get out of here with that. That’s not at all Tovi attacking their offer.


I think when people say that they’re implying that half or more of the group can be AFK or dead and the Boss will still die not that the whole Raid can go AFK.

blizzard will have to be making a lot of explanations and apologizes then.

so when you make a mistake on a test or paper, do you apologize and explain it or do you just correct it?

there, since you want to talk about equivalencies

They did nothing at all
It was a crazy person with a vendetta making false claims that were proven false

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Oh somebody offered a spot? Ok, I work night, hope that won’t be an issue.