Mount doesnt say any difficulty any more

TLDR: People don’t trust Blizzard enough for them to pull things like this.

The thing with this, that a lot of people seem to be missing is that Blizzard has very little “Good Faith” with a huge chunk of its community. The general forums tend to sensationalize things and go a bit out of control, but this is one of the rarer cases where I think the forums actually line up with the community sentiment more often than not.

Many voices in the community feel like not only is Blizzard and the WoW team not properly listening to feedback, they’re not even addressing it. Recently they’ve been trying to rebuild trust, and most of the reactions to their efforts have been met with skepticism. And it’s earned. Especially when, right after getting praise for their reactions to feedback- they go and ignore days of it, and stealth change the pain point without addressing it.

They don’t have that type of community credit anymore. After two expansion of general intense dissatisfaction, a lot of WoW players simply don’t seem to trust them. It’s a sentiment I see on the forums, from individual friends, and even in random discords (and honestly on WoW facebook ads).

THe problem isn’t the slime cat mount, it’s that Blizzard doesn’t have enough any community trust, and have done nothing in this situation to help then gain it. In fact, this is confirming a lot of people’s fears/suspicions that they’re the exact same, haven’t learned, and are putting on a front to make us feel better and safe about spending money.

Personally? I don’t care about the Slime Cat mount I think it’s ugly and want nothing to do with it. In fact, I likely won’t play for most of season 4 if they don’t extend the leveling buff because it has nothing for me. I’m not about to raid.

I just think this, the soar nerf, and the general and sudden shift back into the old “we know best” blizzard, bodes ill for dragonflight.


I don’t really care for this entire debate. Removing LFR accessibility is just a bad decision and just going to further dissatisfy folks with their current dissatisfaction with Shadowlands.


Oh that’s good to know. I guess all the people posting about it are nobody, myself included.
Not like Wowhead was saying it was coming from all difficulties or anything…


I’m gonna have a single mount and maybe a title. It’s not all sunshine for me… If that’s all you required to be content, there are hundreds of mount you can get outside of instances and I seriously doubt you got all of them.

I hope Microsoft makes this game more casual friendly.


I think it’s also worth pointing out that Blizzard’s staunchest defenders on the forums even occasionally tear into them. That should speak volumes.

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It doesn’t. If it was announced off the start that it wasn’t gonna be available to LFR, we’d be in the EXACT SAME situation. Only with a month more complaining about it.

Thats not my point at all, I explained what I meant and its there to read.
An analogy would be if you have a shop and you’re promising a cake to every person who comes to shop at your store. But once people start inquiring into this, you sudeenly declare, “Oh no, its not cake for every person, its only for Certain people!” And then customers speak up to ask why, can we talk about this, this is how we feel/what we think about it as they show you the flyer you printed that indeed does say cake for EVERYONE.

It is NEVER unreasonable to ask respectfullly for or hope for conversation concerning matters that dont make sense or that need addressed and I’m sorry, I wont ever believe its unreasonable.

shrug I don’t care if streamers vote in the least. I don’t care if people ask friends to vote for what they want.

But it grinds my gears when someone with tons of followers tell people to vote for what they want. It’s essentially rigging the vote.

I am aware some of those people may have wanted the tree, but the fact remains the tree jumped after the streamer said something.


Then there is nothing left of the game as it were,great.

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Your analogy is in a vacuum, like all the cake shop have to care about is cake customers. But if the cake shop was World of Warcraft, it’d be a shop on fire, with other cake shops on the other side of the streets, and they wouldn’t care about the accuracy of a flyer.

Oh and the cake shop only delivers so they never talk person to person.

If only CLASS BALANCE ISSUES could be addressed with this level of efficiency.

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If you require a boost to do normal, or anything really, you should just unsub and play a game with cheats. Probably.

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But that’s the whole point, it wasn’t efficient.

lol oh?? This has only been going on for a week or so. We get tuning passes like once every 9 months.

This made me laugh and I needed that laugh, thank you very much. I can see it now. Hopefully it would smell like triple chocolate cake :joy:

You can always play a better class, which is what they might be banking on tbh.

They apparently can’t do normal for a reward they seek.

What’s the point now,I’m the only one holding the fort in my guild ,can’t do Lfr ,can’t do dungeons (myhtic ) and or raid due to Rio no vault . Just world content that would be non-existence coming the next expanse and you know what player would feel after this ?

So they’re not extending the XP buff and not giving the slime cat to LFR players.

Wonderful. :roll_eyes:


Blizzard also apparently can’t do any communication or announcements in regards to the feedback they “”“seek”"". They also apparently don’t have much of a grasp on the English language if somehow “any” always meant Normal and up.