Mount doesnt say any difficulty any more

Not a community effort. Nope.

Really,not a community effort where in the world you get that from?

For me it is the last minute thing entirely.
Bad communication despite so many promises to communicate better.
If it was normal+ from the get go I wouldn’t have posted about it beyond saying “thanks for ignoring people who do queue’d content again” when S4 launched.

If it’s not a community effort, then what stops you from doing it?

What a bunch of cowards.

Doesn’t matter your stance on it, a stealth change is pretty much the most pathetic thing you could do.

No Blue Post, no comment, no communication.

This coming from the same people that keep touting about the feedback and saying they’re going to listen to it more.



It wasn’t stealth though. It was announced in a blue post and talked about ad nauseam for the past 5-6 days.

No what he said was

No where did they say a mistake was made or say they were sorry .

At no time after that and all the threads came up over it did anyone from Blizz come in and clarify that any difficulty was a mistake.


And people that play in a mmorpg isn’t in a community,yeah sure.

It was not announced though, it was in response to a question.
Without a prompt it’s likely nothing would have been said.


If all you do is solo and queue content when you’re not required to speak a single word? Nope I don’t think it is. Might as well play The Witcher.

On the forums, buried in a huge thread. That is stealthy as it gets because most players don’t come to the forums.

They could have updated it on the Fated page on their official website.


Blizzard has done this before it’s no doubt it will continue.

This whole slime cat thing is starting to stink of Brutosaur dung, imo.

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Might as well been announced with the amount of visibility you guys gave this announcement… sorry, post.

Ugh, like I said, on the forums. Most players don’t come to the forums.


The one’s in lfr are not soloing content and part of the community at large and you’re saying they are not a part of it great knowing a raider says that.

Yet, they still took the quiet and cowardly route of stealth changing the achieve towards the end of their work day.
*less than 24 hours before the Season goes live.


And you think LFR player #424 knew about this cat without being here in the first place? You think LFR player #424 is checking the raid achievement tab daily to see changes?

The mount wasn’t gonna be obtainable from the start. This was just a text change. Before it went live. Which means it affects basically nobody.

Im angry at 2 things and neither is the mount itself youre right.

  1. super poor communication letting us think it could be lfr. Then saying its not, and then not changing the achievement for multiple days after with no apology.

  2. it was the only bit of “casual” content they had for the patch and they took it away leaving us with nothing